Friday, 9 January 2015

Invoices, Heat, Cameras and ITINs .....

Oh I love my solar electricity (and my solar hot water) .... especially when I get an invoice like this one!

When you think that I have used my ducted air conditioning a lot so far this summer makes it even more pleasing!

It's been so hot!

During this quarter bill we've had days over 43c (110f) with a few night that stayed around 30c (86f). For the past few weeks, it's been around the mid to high thirties but it is so humid. Plus it's only dropping to the low 20s overnight (70s in f).
At the moment there is no relief in sight until Thursday of next week when we are expecting a southerly change - just hope it's a good one. The worst is we still have February to get through and that's usually our hottest month!

My four legged family love when I turn that air con on - Fozz and Cali join me in either the studio or the lounge room while Spotty stretches out full length on my bed directly under the outlet.

Thank goodness I live alone - one cat on a queen sized bed, plus me then add Fozz who likes to sprawl across the bottom of it - there just wouldn't be any room for a boyfriend  (although maybe I could squeeze one in if I did happen to meet one ..  ).... lol.

Been toying with buying a new DSLR - mine is a Canon EOS 40d. I bought it in 2007.  I've looked at the Nikons but I figured if I just buy a Canon camera body, I can used the two lenses I already have and buy myself a macro lens for the new body.

So far I am considering the  7D, 70D or the 700D.  Basically I'm confused as all hell ... lol.  I don't want to spend more than $1200 on the body so that means the 6D is out.

If anyone out there has any of the ones above I'd love to hear your views on them.  I'm not interested on the video part of the cameras but it seems that most DSLR's have that feature now.

Got a letter from the US IRS department.  They returned my original documents that I'd used to identify myself so I could get an ITIN. There was no number included in the letter but they wrote that they were processing my W-7 form so I have my fingers crossed that they accepted my identification stuff.

It's such a long winded process just to get a tax number!

Wish you could just go to the US embassy here and prove who you are but they don't allow it.  The US tax agent I had to send my stuff to send me an invoice for $110 ... all she did was tell me what I needed then I sent everything to her along with sufficient postage for the US and she forwarded it on.  Nice way to earn a hundred bucks ... lol.

Like I wrote last year - if you want an ITIN and using form W-7 don't expect it to be a quick process.  I started this in July of last year and I STILL don't have one.

The funny thing is if I was self publishing and using Amazon I could send my aussie tax number to the IRS and they would immediately give me an ITIN!

Crazy, crazy, crazy!

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