Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Almost Back to Normal ...

Well the visitors have gone and now the two boys and I are trying to get back to normal, we enjoyed out visitors. But not Cali ...

... she spent the last 3 weeks in hiding - she doesn't handle visitors at all and spent most of the time hidden in my wardrobe.  Yesterday she finally ventured out.

She'd finally realised all was quiet so came timidly out from her hiding place then spent the day in her favourite position - alongside my computer.  I don't think she stopped purring ... just happy to be back to normal.

She even gave the boys a kiss - unusual for her because she and Spotty usually fight or else ignore each other.

The two four legged guests are still here for another couple of weeks; Fozz is not impressed at all.  I have to admit that the two of them aren't that fond of him either.

It was really hot so I fenced off part of the family room so they could come in and feel a little cooler.  Gizmo, the pug, was happy to wander around but Jasmine wanted to rip the fence down and eat Fozz. She is a Shihtzu/toy poodle cross, about 7 mths old and weighs about 1.5kg if that!

Fozz weighs in around 28kgs. So it is really funny considering she is so tiny and compare to her, he is a giant.  He looked at me as if to say - WTF!!

They spent the time barking at each other through the barrier I had put up.  I was hoping that by the end of their stay they would all be friends but I have a feeling that just isn't going to happen.

During December I gave my photo group a miss - it was impossible to try to take photos and post them on a regular basis but now that it's quiet I have started January's themes.

I liked today's - Faceless Portrait - I took a frame and attached a paintbrush and pen. Figured it would represent the fact I am both an artists and an author.

I thought by blurring most of the image except for my hands and the frame it would put more focus on the fact I use the tools in my hands and they represent me.

There are a couple of themes for the month that I'm not too sure what I will photograph -juxtaposition and humanity.  Still they aren't due for a while so I can put on my thinking cap.

Gone back to purple and blue for a while.  Have an appointment with the wonderful Jane who does my hair toward the end of the month and will decide what colour is on the horizon ... lol.

Sent in the first lot of edits for my latest book and now trying to decide whether to paint or write.  Probably end up doing a little of each.  Just have to decide what I'd like to paint.

Have a beautiful picture of snow gums that one of my pic group sent me, a wonderful seascape and another of a pile of old wood.  Then there's all the other ones I've collect over the past few months.  Oh well, time will see which I decide on.
I recently discovered Willi's cacao - I'm in heaven!

It is really rich so just a little every now and again goes a long way but the single origin flavour is amazing.  It is terribly expensive for such a tiny piece of chocolate but because of its taste I have no qualms about paying for it.

I love these two flavours - simply delicious!

Look at my great Christmas present!

I can't wait to figure it all out - once I do I will take some pics of the moon and stars.

Set it up late one afternoon on the weekend - all went well as I was lining things up. Felt something tickling my neck as darkness fell. Didn't pay too much attention until it kept happening.

Damn spiders!

Two orb spiders had decided to spin their nightly web between the guttering, the telescope and me!

Thank goodness I'm not scared of spiders.  I quickly gathered up the 'scope and headed back inside.  Now I'm going to have to find their homes through the day and move them to new abodes so I can star gaze in peace ... lol

I hope you all have a great year - 2015 - wow how fast do the years race away!  I'm not one for making new year resolutions and this year is no different but I will say - I intend to enjoy every minute of everyday even if it is just to admire one of my spider friends ... lol

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