Sunday, 28 December 2014

Zoo and Guests ....

Spent the day at Taronga Park Zoo with my children and grand children, lots of fun. The kids had a great time.  The weather was perfect - warm but not as hot as it could be for this time of the year.

The Zoo had an exhibit - Dinosaurs in the Wild - with animatronic dinosaurs through the park.

The kids loved it, especially the Dilophoraurus which spat water at them all, the Styracosaurus which had a nest of eight babies and the T-Rex mother with her big baby.

It was lovely to see the gorillas - mum was relaxing with her baby.  If you look carefully at the pic you'll see her holding it's tiny hand.

It's an amazing setting, right on Sydney harbour with spectacular views of the harbour and the city.  The giraffe's had a first row seat watching the world go by.

The spider monkeys were chilling out and the littlies thought they were funny.

The grandkids were amazed watching the pelicans eat, they couldn't believe how big their beaks were and how much food they managed to get into them.

Cleaning up the accumulated junk that you seem to collect over the years.  My side deck had become a haven for it.  Finally managed to get most of it in a rubbish skip. Just going to spend the morning cleaning the last of it away so all that will be left out there is the BBQ and the big table and chairs.

I'm minding my younger son's two dogs while they are away for 2 weeks.  The dogs are going to be spending their time on the side deck.

Fozz is not impressed at having other dogs visit so younger son had to build a temporary wall/fence to separate the rest of the yard from the side.

Not sure what Spotty will make of the guests - he likes dogs but these are small - a pug and a tiny shihpoo.  He prefers to play with big dogs like Fozz and a couple that live a few doors down.

Hope everyone has a great new year's eve - I intend to relax with a book - and I hope 2015 brings you all you could wish for. I hope it is filled with love and happiness for you all.

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