Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tattoos, ITINs, Taxes ....

Still trying to find a new tattoo artist - the last one I used was great but the tat parlour was fire-bombed (rotfl) during some sort of turf war and closed. The artist moved to Victoria.

Yesterday I heard about another so I am thinking of seeing what they're like today.

Have to go to the fruit market so I will take a detour and check them out.

Finally got all my paperwork together to send to the US, a least its organised just waiting for one more document to arrive - I can't believe how much trouble I've had to get things.

I needed a certified copy of my license and do you think it was an easy thing to get? No chance!

I sent off the application for a certified copy as I was told to by the RMS (Roads & Maritimes Services) rep.  Waited and waited for a reply. Weeks went by and still no word.  Finally rang to ask what was happening. Was told they had a backlog.

Then waited another week still nothing so I rang again, only to be told they don't do it! The very nice woman I spoke to asked me to re-fax everything and she would see what she could find out. Another week of nothing so I rang again.For some reason they were under the impression I was living in the US despite me having a residential address and phone number in

After faxes, countless emails and lots of phone calls, I finally got through to someone who would listen to me yesterday on the phone. Went through my story and he said he 'get back to me' - yeah, heard that countless times in the past 6 weeks.

But guess what?

He did.  Got an email from him within 30 minutes. .  Still he did say the RMS don't issue certified copies of licenses but he would see what he could come up with.

 Then late in the day I got another email with a copy of what he had arranged.  The original should be here by the end of the week then I can send everything off.

I have to tell you if you need to get an ITIN from the IRS in America don't expect it to be easy.  I've been told by their agent out here that even when I send everything over they still might reject my documents and ask for more.

She said even she doesn't understand why some applications get knocked back and others get accepted. There's no rhyme nor reason to it.


Still it means I will only have to pay 5% tax to the US instead of the usual rate, so I will be keeping everything crossed that they accept my stuff and give me my ITIN first time.

At least once I have my number, I don't actually need to fill out an annual return - my publisher will automatically send the IRS my 5%. Of course if I earn huge amounts then I will need to submit one but I don't think I have to worry on that score.

My earnings are enough to keep me happy without going sky high and into the big tax brackets.

Mind you - I certainly wouldn't knock it back if I earned six figured amounts each year .... lol

UPDATE - I saw the tattoo artist, went through his portfolio and his line work was very good so I got him to do the Sanskrit tat on my wrist that I've wanted for ages. I wasn't as impressed with his colour work.

I have to admit  the line work is fantastic, extremely crisp and clear, especially considering all the fine lines and little circles.. He did a very good job and I love it!

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