Friday, 12 September 2014

Deep Vein Thrombosis ...

My DIL has had problem. 

illustration of dvt
The week after Connor was born she got a lump behind her knee. It was the size of an grapefruit and was a blood clot. 

She had to go onto various meds to try and dissolve it. Not allow to walk around or do anything really.  Went back to the doc after a few weeks on all the meds and it was down to the size of a small orange but doc was still very concerned.

They changed the meds and at last yesterday she said it feels like it has finally gone. Been a very scary 4 weeks.

Hopefully she will be alright from now on!

Must be the day for good news.

Got an email and contract from my publisher - they accepted a new manuscript. A contemporary romance, menage a trois. Very excited.

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