Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Waiting Game ....

7 AM : - Waiting.... waiting ..... waiting.....

Finger's crossed today's the day.

After the two months of wondering, my DIL is booked in to be induced for my latest grandchild.  The little bugger refuses to come out and play since they stopped the premature labour at 32 weeks.  Now it is almost 42 and there is no way he is coming out without being evicted.

DIL went in this morning and last I heard she was hooked up and just waiting for a doc to come and begin the induction.

This post will be added to as things progress ..... lol

10:30 AM : - Water broken, a few contractions 12 mins apart......

11:40 AM : - HE'S HERE!!!!   54cm  (21.2") - 8lb 5oz (3.77kg)

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