Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Well things have settled back to normal after the birth of Connor. The kids are getting themselves into a routine with a new baby.

I've gone back to writing ... lol.

We've had some weird weather here lately, reached 23f the other day, and today. Well today we are going to be lucky if we hit 14! It's damn cold! And it's overcast, not sure if it will rain. Think it has on the coast.

Read the sad news about Robin Williams. Such a loss. The man was a comic genius but it shows that depression can attack anyone - rich or poor, famous or unknown.

 They need to stop calling it suicide and call it death by depression...it is no different than cancer or a heart problem. It is a sickness that kills!
 It is an insidious disease.

Take a few minutes to ask family and friends R U OK?

And asked them every week, don't let them suffer alone. Believe me, suffering alone only makes it a thousand times harder to fight!

I've been there a few times. Unfortunately, most of us, when we reach that black hole tend to pretend we are fine. I know I do - or else I ask for help from the wrong person and it ends up worse.

But if just one person can hold out their hand and asked R U Ok? - someone who genuinely cares ...  it would make a big difference.

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