Monday, 18 August 2014

Fed Up .....

Aarrggghh .... sick again!

I am so so fed up with this.  Been on antibiotics since December. Seen so many doctors, been poked, prodded, xrayed, ultra-sounded and scanned. Feel like tearing my hair out.

Now I have a cold and runny nose as well!

At least it's raining. I can feel miserable in the rain ... lol.

Wanted to spend some time with my grandson but each time I go to make a date I am sick. I can't risk him getting ill, his immune system is not good since his heart surgery.

Ggrrr the way things are going it will be his birthday!

Oh well, at least I can escape by writing.

Have written another 55000 words in one book and 13000 in a second.  Have a couple of other WIP's but concentrating on these two at the moment.

One is the third book in a paranormal series. The first two have been accepted by the publisher. They will be out in print form - one around January and the other in May of 2015.

I got the cover for the first one to approve and it is spot on to what I asked for.  I have been very happy with the artist that has designed all my covers. The first one was a mess and I sent it back. They gave me a new artist and she has been doing them ever since!

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