Tuesday, 29 July 2014

No Baby Still ....


Still no baby!

Think the stork had got lost!

My DIL went into labour at 32 weeks, the Docs managed to stop it after a day or so. Theygave the baby steroids and hope she could hold the babe in for at least another two weeks to give his lungs a chance to develop.

Well, that was weeks ago - whe is now over 40 weeks and the little bugger refuses to come out.

It is as if he is saying " you wouldn't let me out when I wanted to so now I'm staying!"

Last Monday and yesterday they did a 'sweep' but still nothing.  The baby has been engaged all this time and she is partly dilated.  I have no idea when this baby is going to arrive but I do know his mother is fed up to the back teeth!

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