Thursday, 10 July 2014

Exciting Day Ahead ....

Went to Centrelink the other day to hand over all the paperwork and documents to become an 'official' Senior Australian.

I have had lots of dealing with Centrelink over the years.  Younger son was given a disability allowance when he was born until he was 16 because of his autism.  Husband was on a disability pension in the last 6 years of his life and as I had given up work to act as his full time nurse/carer I was given a carers pension until his death.

Even when he died I was given a 'bereavement allowance' for a few weeks which was a great help.

Centrelink had a horrid name - but in all honesty and fairness I have to say I have never had a problem with them in all the 35 years that I have dealt with them on and off.  They have always been helpful and supportive.  Maybe I have just been lucky in the people I have spoken with but I can't say anything else but be honest in my opinion about them and Centrelink as a whole.

Now I have to wait four weeks to find out whether or not I am accepted for a small part allowance from them.

I wonder?  Does that mean if they say no I won't be a 'Senior Australian' regardless of turning 65?  Maybe I will forever be 65 if they refuse .... wouldn't that be funny!

Next week, more exciting than having a birthday (because it is usually a very quiet affair with my fur babies & just passes as an ordinary day) is the fact that on Tuesday I am going WHALE WATCHING!!!  Leaving from Darling Harbour and heading out to sea.

I am so so excited!

I love whales and just hope I get to see at least one.  Be prepared - if I do see any there will be hundreds of photographs taken to keep the memory alive ... lol.

On top of that I love being at sea although I haven't done it since my 20s.  Must be in my blood.  My father spent most of his adult life at sea - both my sisters and I absolutely love it.  The only thing I don't like about the sea is seafood .... lol.

The photo (left) is of the trawler Nanagai that my father was the skipper of.  He would spend weeks away fishing and return for a week to stay with us then off again.

 He stayed with her when she was seconded by the US Army's small ships division during WW2.

I managed to get his records from the US a few years back including medals he was awarded.

It was amazing to see copies of the original paperworks - his signature on documents, information about his whereabouts, postings behind enemy lines, etc.

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