Sunday, 20 July 2014

Doctor Who .....

Look what my kids gave me for my birthday!

They know I am a Doctor Who nutcase and so they got me a whole pile of goodies that I didn't have.

As you know (if you follow this blog) I painted the door to my art studio/workroom as a TARDIS.  Now I have even more goodies in there.

They join my David Tennant figurines, my sonic screwdrivers, books, Dalek desk defender and Journal of Imposssible Things.

The cookie container shaped like the TARDIS had a light on top.  When you open it the light flashes and there is a sound like the TARDIS landing.

The bobble head David Tennant had his sonic screwdriver which also lights up.

I clipped the little red dalek book light onto the side of my lap top so he can watch as I work.  His buddy is much bigger.  He is my red desk defender dalek and he roams around my desk shouting 'exterminate, exterminate' .... lol.

Now somehow I have to convince my builder son to make me a TARDIS bookcase ...... ;)

I can't wait until August 24th when we get to meet the new Doctor - Peter Capaldi - my favourite had been David Tennant, the 10th doctor.  Followed closely by Tom Baker, the 4th doctor.  Didn't care much for Matt Smith (11th doctor) but after a while he sort of grew on me.

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