Monday, 9 June 2014

Excitement ....

I am so excited - I have three books published (another 3 due out between now and Dec) and ALL THREE are on the Publisher's Bestseller List!!

What is even more exciting is that Book 3 (17) is on pre-order and isn't released until June 12 and has still made it onto the list!

I was thinking I might make $50 a year on each book now I am thinking I may have to revise that figure slightly .... lol.

I submitted another manuscript - about 330 pages - and am now biting my nails waiting to hear back.  It is a new series - Paranormal Romance - and I have everything crossed that it will be accepted.

Part of me thinks it will because another manuscript, also Paranormal, has been accepted but another part thinks maybe they won't like it ..... lol.

Taken a week's break from writing - had a shitty start to the week (back to Drs, still on antibiotics after 6 months :(  ) but am feeling refreshed as far as writing goes.

Been working on crochet animal hats.  I have completed an Orangutan one except for the stuffing and now starting an owl.  Having lots of fun making them.  I will post pics when they are all finished.

Finally close my online dating profile - seemed like a waste of time really.  Lots of scammers and young guys and very few really nice men in their 50s and early 60s so I figure 'why bother?'   After all these years on them I have never met anyone who I could honestly say 'rocked my world' so I think I will just let the Universe decide .... lol.