Monday, 2 June 2014

Creepy Emails .... Crocodiles ..... Coffee

Been getting the weirdest emails ...

From a male - we have a mutual Facebook friend.  I did not know him but he sent an email, explaining who he was etc and then went on to say how much he admired me etc etc.  I thought it was a little strange but trying to be polite I sent an email back thanking him, nothing else in the email just thank you.

He replied the next day. I got the impression he read more into the two words (thank you) than what I had intended.  This one was full of gushing sentiment and it went on and on about him and his hopes for the future -including, I might add, meeting up with me.   I figured the best thing to do was ignore it.

Thursday morning I got another email from him, he enthused about what we may do together, where we could go out to.  It was a bit off putting to say the least.  I ignored it the same as I had previously.

Saturday evening I get another.  This one was getting a little freaky - some very explicit descriptions of what he and I might do together.

I junked it but got another this morning. If I thought yesterday's one was explicit this one was way over the top!  Included were some photos.

That did it!

I have now added his email address to my 'blocked' addresses.

I did that last year when my ex boyfriend kept sending emails after I had left him over a year and half beforehand.

My Internet provider/email program just deletes them when they arrive on their server and they never get sent on to me.  Much easier than having them arrive in your inbox and less creepy/upsetting.
Temporary signs are still in place after the recent croc sighting at Urangan.
The person you block can send thousands of emails to you but they never get delivered .... lol.  Anyway, that is where this person's stuff is now - surfing the ether without ever landing in my inbox!

So onto crocodile and coffee ....

My elder son, his wife and son live in Hervey Bay.  Last week the local press reported a crocodile had been seen in the area, so warning signs have gone up around the beaches and the river mouths.
RANGERS planned to carry out a spotlight patrol on Monday night after a crocodile was reported off the beach at Urangan.
The house my children live in have a large water area, that is fed from the beach, behind their house.  My son often fishes in it and the signs are posted there also.

I guess it would make a better story to say 'a crocodile at my bait/fish' than ' my fish got away' ..... lol.

A few months ago my coffee pod machine went belly-up for a few days, leaving me to go back to using my coffee plunger.  I thought about buying a new machine then decided to attack it with a screwdriver.

Lo and behold, once I pulled it apart, gave everything a severe looking at and put it back together the damn thing worked!  Anyway, I now have it working fine and discovered that I can fit Gloria Jean's pods into it as well as some delicious Caffitaly ones.  I am slowly working my way through all the different flavours to decide which ones I like best.

That little sign sits on my studio wall -it sums it all up!