Monday, 30 June 2014

Aging .....

Well July starts tomorrow .... for me it is a milestone, or rather will be.  I turn 65 in July so I will officially become a 'senior Australian' ..... rotfl.

To me it is just another number. Don't feel like I am 65 most of the time, in fact, in my head I am still in my mid 20s.   It is just the times you look in the mirror properly and realise that a few more years have crept by.

Or when you talk with your grandchildren and realise just how old they are.

I must admit that the years seem to go much faster as we age.  As a child the weeks seemed to drag by - it felt like we waited  years for the school holidays to roll around. But as the years pass the days and weeks fly by.

So much to do and so little time .... lol.

I have decided if I want to do all the things I have planned at this moment in time I will have to live until I am at least 230.  Now to just figure out how .... lol.

I have sent my latest book off to my beta readers so until that returns I have gone back to the paintbrush.  Have few ideas for another couple of books but waiting until I get some feedback from betas.

An online friend of mine found this great photograph and sent me the link.  I immediately contacted the owner and got permission to use it.

Still have a long way to go before it is finished but I must admit I am very happy with the way it is progressing.

I enjoy painting portraits of older people, usually I choose men as they seem to have more detail in their faces and their eyes.  But when I saw this sweetie I knew she was meant to be painted.

I love the character, the lines, the stories in their eyes that you get from someone who has lived a long life.   Each one of those lines has a story to tell and their eyes would fill a hundred or more books.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Tomatoes and Mulberries ....

I was amazed about a month ago when I went outside to hang some clothes on the line.  In a crack between pavers at the bottom of the stairs was a tiny tomato plant.  I was about to pull it out then decided I would leave it and see what happened.

I doubted it would survive because it is winter here, but figured it could take its chances.

Imagine how surprised I was when it keep getting bigger and bigger.  At the moment it covers about 2 square metres and it full of fruit.  The tomatoes on it are huge - bigger than I have ever grown.  It must be because I left it to fend for itself - I tend to kill most plants I look after.

Anyway, last week I thought I should sprinkle some tomato dust on it to protect the fruit, although I am not sure that the grubs are active in the cold weather of winter.

The first fruit is getting ripe and I imagine I will be picking it by the weekend.

The only down side is it is almost impossible to get to the clothes line - it has spread out from the bottom of the stairs across to underneath the line.

It seems like things that 'self seed' are healthier in my yard than those I plant.  I have clumps of Arum lilies (yes I know they are noxious weeds) that have appeared and one of the eucalypts in my front yard grew from the birds along with a mulberry tree.

I love mulberries - mulberry pie is my all time favourite fruit pie - but despite having the tree (although it is still a baby about 6 years old) and it bearing fruit I have never managed to collect any.

The native fruit bats get in long before I do.  Wish I knew someone who had a tree growing that I could collect the fruit from.  When I was a child it seemed as if there was a big tree growing in someone's yard in every street but now they are as rare as hen's teeth.

Probably because of 1) the mess and 2) smaller building blocks. Still they are something from my childhood that I wish I could have everyday .... lol.

When my parents were alive there was a huge tree in a nieghbours that I would harvest each year.  I would pick enough to freeze for them and for me.  Each year I would have enough fruit for at least two dozen pies throughout the year.  Sadly, both my parents and the tree are long gone.

When I was a child we always had silkworms, fed them on the large mulberry leaves then watched as they grew and spun their cocoons.  I doubt kids these days would even know about them.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hats and Murder ....

Well I finished three 'beanies' - two owls and an orangutan - my two grand daughters loved theirs, my grandson in Queensland will have to wait a little longer until the postman delivers his.

I love the little bananas on the dangly end bits of his.

I babysat my youngest grand daughter on Thursday and she refused to take hers off.  It was a drama to make her go for her afternoon nap without it.

They were easier than I thought to make, especially when you consider I haven't crochet to a pattern for about 30 years .... lol.

I will put the crochet hook away for a week or so, I have edits to do for my publisher then I need to get stuck into completing at least one of the books I am working on.

The weather has been pretty soggy in this part of the world lately so being inside is perfect.

I actually got hooked on a TV series - Inspector Lynley Mysteries - something I rarely do. I often go months without turning the TV on.

I love murder mysteries - one of my favourite reading genres - so was happy to find them.  Of course, they are British and I think the British do dramas really well.

I loved the David Tennant series - Broadchurch and was very happy when I read recently that series two has been picked up.  Of course the fact that David Tennant is in it makes me even happier - the best Doctor ever and his Hamlet was amazing!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Over The Moon ....

After chewing my non-existant finger nails for the past 11 days I finally got the email I was hoping for ....

'Thank you for sending your book, A Hunter's Heart [The Hunters 1]. We would like to publish it. We have set the projected electronic publication date for August/September 2014. The projected print date for your book is December 2014/January 2015.'......

It is a paranormal romance filled with Vampires and Vampire Hunters. 

This book started me on the writing road - the prologue is very special to me and late last year/early this year I wrote this book.

I am three quarters of the way through writing Book 2 and have an idea for Book 3.

I am just over the moon!