Saturday, 3 May 2014

Winter is Coming ....

We are having a taste of winter today.  As I write it is almost four in the afternoon and the temperature is 13 degrees C (that's 55F) with a strong NWesterly blowing, there are some scattered showers heading in as well.

Our temps are certainly unpredictable yesterday it was 21 and last week in the mid 20s.

It is time to drag out the WinterWoollies. Although we don't get snow where I live, it still can drop to -3 overnight in winter.

The closest snow is down south in the Snowy Mountains about 5 hours away or 450 kilometres.

We do get the occasional fall in the Blue Mountains, mainly around  Lithgow - 1 1/2 hrs (105kms), although it does come as close to me as Katoomba - an hour away (75kms).  Still when it does snow there it rarely lasts more than a few hours.  At the moment it is 3 degrees in Katoomba .... bbbrrrr.

I actually prefer the cooler weather.  I used to love it cold but the last few years I have had problems with arthritis in my back in the middle of winter.  Still I would much rather the cold than the summer heat.

Time to start thinking of warm winter dishes to eat.

I am a bugger for not eating properly - the trouble with living alone is you just couldn't be bothered.  But during winter I can cook a casserole and freeze some of it for another evening.  I love using slow cookers, makes things so much easier.

Delicious meals like vegetable curries can cook all day or a big plate full of roasted vegetables - delicious!   I rarely eat meat, maybe once every three or four months so I am always looking for yummy vegetarian dishes.  I like the flavour of Moroccan food, its spices go great with vegetarian dishes.

Winter  is a great time for soups - ones like parsnip & carrot; sweet potato and of course, roasted pumpkin!  All this talk of food is making me hungry - I think tonight I will make a nice pasta & vegetable mornay.  With some chunky pumpkin seed sour dough bread ... perfect!