Saturday, 17 May 2014

Tea Time ...

Off to the markets sometime this weekend.  I love white tea - it is expensive I know but I love the taste and I hate the one you get in a teabag, so when I found a company that sells loose leaves I was really happy.  On top of that their prices are very reasonable.

White tea is considered rare and is usually more expensive than green, as it can only be hand picked during a few days of early spring and has to be handled with such care. White tea is steamed rapidly and then dried.  It is the least processed of all teas and since it is less processed, it retains a highest amount of antioxidants.

Green tea contains around 20g of caffeine, compared to white that has around 15g. In comparison, black tea contains around 45mg.

I just love it and usually brew a potfull of an evening to sip on while I read and relax.  I also have a little 'tea man'.  You remove his pants, fill them with the tea leaves then let him soak in your cup/mug.

In my pic he looks a little like he is sweating, has to be hot in there!

Had to giggle the other day, got my hair cut and coloured (turquoise and purple).  I wandered into a local shopping complex to grab some lunch when I rather cute young guy (around 30) came up to me.  Told me he love my hair, said I looked fabulous, beautiful and young looking.

I thanked him and he then asked if I would like to have lunch with him!

I politely declined, he aked if I was sure as he felt great chemical attraction to me.  I said I was sure and he regretfully said okay and left.  

I have to admit it did wonders for this old girl's ego.  I have only been out once this year (beginning of Jan) and only a couple of times last year so to have someone young and cute tell me I looked good and he was attracted to me was great!

Mind you he probably only wanted to 'remove my knickers' but at least he offered dinner first..... lol.

BTW -I love the new hair colour!