Friday, 30 May 2014

Big Thank You to the Tax Accountant ....


Big thank you to the great tax accountant who contacted me and asked for info to help on my previous post question.

I sent off my details to her and she has told me if I am  a “senior Australian”, then my 2013 threshold is $32,279 and the 2014 threshold will be similar. Plus if a tax return is required, the SAS pension may be reportable, even though not assessable for tax.

Nice to know I have some great blog readers!!!

Mind you I doubt I will earn that sort of figure, I will be excited to earn $32 let alone any more!

I am still excited about being an author - doubly excited because the last manuscript I submitted and got accepted is going to be both an ebook and a print book!

The print edition is due out in December - so guess what my friends will be getting for Xmas .... lol.

crochet donkey hat pdf crochet patternLove my new mug - not only because it is personalised but because I was able to buy a large one.  Hate those little mugs that you buy, I love to have a BIG one!

This holds 440ml, much nicer than a 250ml one. My drug of choice - coffee - in it is perfect and at night when I have a white tea I can sit and warm my hands around it .... lol.

Handmade Crochet Pink Berry Owl Hat For All AgesMind you because I live alone there is actually no-one to annoy me but all the same I love the sentiment expressed!

Handmade Crochet Orangutan Ape HatKnitting for the latest grandchild that is due in July/August but I found a site that had lots of crazy hats! There are dozens and dozens and I bought five patterns.
So I have an owl, an orangutan, a donkey, a hippo and an elephant.  Can't wait to start but I am doing an Aran cardie for the baby and still have the sleeves to do and then bands and put it all together.  So will be a few weeks till I can put down the knitting needles and pick up the crochet hook.