Monday, 26 May 2014

Arrrrrggghhhh - the Aussie Tax Office .....

Trying to get a simple answer from the Australian Tax Office seems an impossible feat - in fact just trying to get an answer is driving me crazy.

As you know I am writing books.  So far I have 6 accepted and probably more to come (one comes out in print format in Dec).

I need to know how much I can earn before I have to put in tax return.  As I am almost 65, get a pension from a super fund and not required to pay tax on it I had to get an answer.  So I rang the Taxation Office.

After waiting on hold for 24 minutes I asked my question and - yep - got put back on hold while the person I spoke to 'confered' with their supervisor.

They came back after 10 minutes and told me the answer was on the website.  All I needed to do was go to the 'do I need to lodge a tax return' calculator and all would be answered.

So back to the website - right again - it still didn't answer my question!

There was an area to put in if you received a pension from Centrelink, or Governement one but as I receive my income as a widow from my late husband's super fund there wasn't an area to put this.   So rang again.

On hold for over 30 minutes this time.  Got a different person who um and ar'd.  Went away came back, went away again and finally said they thought - yes THOUGHT - that MAYBE I could earn $18,200 on top without having to put in a Tax return but they weren't 100% percent sure!

If there are any normal people out there in blog land who actually KNOW the answer - can you send me a email and put me out of my misery please?