Saturday, 31 May 2014

Friday, 30 May 2014

Big Thank You to the Tax Accountant ....


Big thank you to the great tax accountant who contacted me and asked for info to help on my previous post question.

I sent off my details to her and she has told me if I am  a “senior Australian”, then my 2013 threshold is $32,279 and the 2014 threshold will be similar. Plus if a tax return is required, the SAS pension may be reportable, even though not assessable for tax.

Nice to know I have some great blog readers!!!

Mind you I doubt I will earn that sort of figure, I will be excited to earn $32 let alone any more!

I am still excited about being an author - doubly excited because the last manuscript I submitted and got accepted is going to be both an ebook and a print book!

The print edition is due out in December - so guess what my friends will be getting for Xmas .... lol.

crochet donkey hat pdf crochet patternLove my new mug - not only because it is personalised but because I was able to buy a large one.  Hate those little mugs that you buy, I love to have a BIG one!

This holds 440ml, much nicer than a 250ml one. My drug of choice - coffee - in it is perfect and at night when I have a white tea I can sit and warm my hands around it .... lol.

Handmade Crochet Pink Berry Owl Hat For All AgesMind you because I live alone there is actually no-one to annoy me but all the same I love the sentiment expressed!

Handmade Crochet Orangutan Ape HatKnitting for the latest grandchild that is due in July/August but I found a site that had lots of crazy hats! There are dozens and dozens and I bought five patterns.
So I have an owl, an orangutan, a donkey, a hippo and an elephant.  Can't wait to start but I am doing an Aran cardie for the baby and still have the sleeves to do and then bands and put it all together.  So will be a few weeks till I can put down the knitting needles and pick up the crochet hook.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Arrrrrggghhhh - the Aussie Tax Office .....

Trying to get a simple answer from the Australian Tax Office seems an impossible feat - in fact just trying to get an answer is driving me crazy.

As you know I am writing books.  So far I have 6 accepted and probably more to come (one comes out in print format in Dec).

I need to know how much I can earn before I have to put in tax return.  As I am almost 65, get a pension from a super fund and not required to pay tax on it I had to get an answer.  So I rang the Taxation Office.

After waiting on hold for 24 minutes I asked my question and - yep - got put back on hold while the person I spoke to 'confered' with their supervisor.

They came back after 10 minutes and told me the answer was on the website.  All I needed to do was go to the 'do I need to lodge a tax return' calculator and all would be answered.

So back to the website - right again - it still didn't answer my question!

There was an area to put in if you received a pension from Centrelink, or Governement one but as I receive my income as a widow from my late husband's super fund there wasn't an area to put this.   So rang again.

On hold for over 30 minutes this time.  Got a different person who um and ar'd.  Went away came back, went away again and finally said they thought - yes THOUGHT - that MAYBE I could earn $18,200 on top without having to put in a Tax return but they weren't 100% percent sure!

If there are any normal people out there in blog land who actually KNOW the answer - can you send me a email and put me out of my misery please?

Friday, 23 May 2014

Am Over the Moon ......

I am over the moon!!

My second book - The Club 2: Uncollared was released today after a week on pre-release and already it is #4 on the publishers Bestseller List!!!

It is so exciting - I have two books out and BOTH of them are in the top 10 Bestsellers!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my debut novel, and then the second, would achieve this sort of success. The first book reached #2, I wonder if this one will go as high?

On top of that I am #54 and #93 of the Top 100 Bestsellers for the past 30 days!

Must be all that white tea I am drinking .....  rotfl.

With all the writing I haven't done any painting lately.  I actually haven't been inspired by anything.  Have a few photos that look like 'maybe' candidates but that's about it.

On top of the writing I have been knitting, trying to get a few things made when grand child #6 makes it's appearance in July/August (I know the sex but not sure if the kids have told everyone so I am keeping mum).

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Tea Time ...

Off to the markets sometime this weekend.  I love white tea - it is expensive I know but I love the taste and I hate the one you get in a teabag, so when I found a company that sells loose leaves I was really happy.  On top of that their prices are very reasonable.

White tea is considered rare and is usually more expensive than green, as it can only be hand picked during a few days of early spring and has to be handled with such care. White tea is steamed rapidly and then dried.  It is the least processed of all teas and since it is less processed, it retains a highest amount of antioxidants.

Green tea contains around 20g of caffeine, compared to white that has around 15g. In comparison, black tea contains around 45mg.

I just love it and usually brew a potfull of an evening to sip on while I read and relax.  I also have a little 'tea man'.  You remove his pants, fill them with the tea leaves then let him soak in your cup/mug.

In my pic he looks a little like he is sweating, has to be hot in there!

Had to giggle the other day, got my hair cut and coloured (turquoise and purple).  I wandered into a local shopping complex to grab some lunch when I rather cute young guy (around 30) came up to me.  Told me he love my hair, said I looked fabulous, beautiful and young looking.

I thanked him and he then asked if I would like to have lunch with him!

I politely declined, he aked if I was sure as he felt great chemical attraction to me.  I said I was sure and he regretfully said okay and left.  

I have to admit it did wonders for this old girl's ego.  I have only been out once this year (beginning of Jan) and only a couple of times last year so to have someone young and cute tell me I looked good and he was attracted to me was great!

Mind you he probably only wanted to 'remove my knickers' but at least he offered dinner first..... lol.

BTW -I love the new hair colour!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Best Seller List .... Check the Thursday update!!!!

I know I wasn't going to write any more author stuff on this blog but I had to share my exciting news.

After just 14 days release my book is #3 on the publishers Best Seller List!

I am soooooo excited!!

Don't forget you can check out book happenings, read interviews with other authors and find out when my books are coming out at either my website or my blog.

My Blog - Suzy Shearer - Author

My Website - Suzy Shearer

UPDATE - Forget #3 ... I've hit #2 !!!

Monday, 5 May 2014

New Blog Site ....

I have made a blog for my author stuff - that will mean you won't have to put up with reading as much about my books on this one ... lol.

So if you are interested in keeping up with the books, maybe learn a thing or two about writing, read interviews with other authors then please bookmarked the blog.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Winter is Coming ....

We are having a taste of winter today.  As I write it is almost four in the afternoon and the temperature is 13 degrees C (that's 55F) with a strong NWesterly blowing, there are some scattered showers heading in as well.

Our temps are certainly unpredictable yesterday it was 21 and last week in the mid 20s.

It is time to drag out the WinterWoollies. Although we don't get snow where I live, it still can drop to -3 overnight in winter.

The closest snow is down south in the Snowy Mountains about 5 hours away or 450 kilometres.

We do get the occasional fall in the Blue Mountains, mainly around  Lithgow - 1 1/2 hrs (105kms), although it does come as close to me as Katoomba - an hour away (75kms).  Still when it does snow there it rarely lasts more than a few hours.  At the moment it is 3 degrees in Katoomba .... bbbrrrr.

I actually prefer the cooler weather.  I used to love it cold but the last few years I have had problems with arthritis in my back in the middle of winter.  Still I would much rather the cold than the summer heat.

Time to start thinking of warm winter dishes to eat.

I am a bugger for not eating properly - the trouble with living alone is you just couldn't be bothered.  But during winter I can cook a casserole and freeze some of it for another evening.  I love using slow cookers, makes things so much easier.

Delicious meals like vegetable curries can cook all day or a big plate full of roasted vegetables - delicious!   I rarely eat meat, maybe once every three or four months so I am always looking for yummy vegetarian dishes.  I like the flavour of Moroccan food, its spices go great with vegetarian dishes.

Winter  is a great time for soups - ones like parsnip & carrot; sweet potato and of course, roasted pumpkin!  All this talk of food is making me hungry - I think tonight I will make a nice pasta & vegetable mornay.  With some chunky pumpkin seed sour dough bread ... perfect!