Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Keeping Busy ...

Still have a medical problem, been on antibiotics since the new year and now started a new one. Fortunately this one I only have to take one each night rather than the four a day of the others. I will be so glad if I am finally get well.

At least writing and painting takes my mind off my illness.

Still I am very lucky compare to others. Some people are wrestling with terrible illnesses and now I know mine is only minor since I have had all my tests and rules our the Big C and a few other nasties.

I can't believe it is April already!

The year is zooming past .... they say the older you get the faster it goes and whoever they are, they are bloody right!

Soon the Easter bunny will be hopping around for my grandchildren. I miss the fun of easter egg hunts that I did for my kids when they were little. Used to get up early and paint huge glitter rabbit footprints everywhere with glitter mixed in water., then hide eggs all through the yard. They loved it.

My late husband was never one for buying gifts or treats so if I wanted Easter eggs I bought them for myself, mind you the kids used to eat most of them.

Now it is quiet, just the cats and me .... lol.

Think I may indulge in some Ferrero Rocher this year, my favourite indulgence -them and Guylian Seashells.... mmm yummy!    Probably because that have that delicous filling inside them.