Tuesday, 15 April 2014

On a Roll .....


I'm on a roll!

My fourth book in the series had just been accepted.  I got an email from them saying they could not accept it because of a few paragraphs on one page that contained a reference to childhood abuse.  So I rewrote it and re-submitted it on Friday afternoon - got an email this morning that it is accepted!

It will be electronically published in July!

PS - in case you are wondering what significance the bear has to the book - the heroine does like to strip .... ;)

I have two more in the series completed but I am doing an edit on them at the moment, making sure I have no spelling errors or grammatical ones.  Also no HH (see previous post).   Once that is done I will submit them; I am kind of thinking they will be accepted too.

I have started Book 7 but am also working on Book 2 of the Hunter series.  Have 45,000 or so words completed on it.

Haven't done much in the way of painting recently, have a few ideas for subjects but not 100% sure.

On top of that grandchild #6 is on his way .... I have started knitting some things for him.  I love the fact that nowadays you can put colours on babies.  When I had mine you chose white, cream, pastel pink or pastel blue.  If you were daring you could do pastel lemon or pastel green.

Now anything is the go.  I am making a little cardie - brown with a few teal stripes - and have some other colours for some jumpers and jackets/cardies.

I do a lot of aran and cable knitting so when I found this little marker sets I grabbed them.  Makes it so much easier than tying little bits of wool here and there to mark or having marks on paper.

For those who knit or crochet out there - these are great!  Under $10, free postage on Ebay.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Keeping Busy ...

Still have a medical problem, been on antibiotics since the new year and now started a new one. Fortunately this one I only have to take one each night rather than the four a day of the others. I will be so glad if I am finally get well.

At least writing and painting takes my mind off my illness.

Still I am very lucky compare to others. Some people are wrestling with terrible illnesses and now I know mine is only minor since I have had all my tests and rules our the Big C and a few other nasties.

I can't believe it is April already!

The year is zooming past .... they say the older you get the faster it goes and whoever they are, they are bloody right!

Soon the Easter bunny will be hopping around for my grandchildren. I miss the fun of easter egg hunts that I did for my kids when they were little. Used to get up early and paint huge glitter rabbit footprints everywhere with glitter mixed in water., then hide eggs all through the yard. They loved it.

My late husband was never one for buying gifts or treats so if I wanted Easter eggs I bought them for myself, mind you the kids used to eat most of them.

Now it is quiet, just the cats and me .... lol.

Think I may indulge in some Ferrero Rocher this year, my favourite indulgence -them and Guylian Seashells.... mmm yummy!    Probably because that have that delicous filling inside them.