Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Happy Dancing Again and Again ...

Doing another happy dance.   Just so excited - overjoyed - ecstatic - overwhelmed - you get the idea ... lol.

Just got an email from my publisher to say they have accepted the next two books!!!

So now they are going to publish the first three novels in my 'Club' series!!

I have a sneaky suspicion that they will accept the others as I write them - I have one more completed and two half done - this is just so amazing!

I have received my first manuscript back for editing and sent back the revised copy.  The feedback from the editor was great.  Waiting to see the cover design .... wonder what it will be like?

Have been working on a website - it just needs to have the covers and it will be up and running.  It will be included in my books, I will also have a page on the publisher's website.  It just keeps getting better and better.

So now I am not just the author of one book - I am the author of THREE!!!!

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