Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Whoohoo! - Who's Normal?

Wow .... how exciting - got my results back, nothing nasty and I am 'normal'; well a small part of me is .... that's a first - the rest of me is happily 

I am hoping by next week I can start getting out ... want to go up the Mountains and take some pics.

When I went to Jellybean last year, there was a great ford that was very scenic but because it was on a weekend there were a few cars around so couldn't stop; hopefully if I go through the week there won't be any cars and I can stop and take photographs.

Of course the other problem will be if it rains; the river rises very quickly and the track gets closed so just have to wait and see. Mind you we have not had decent rain in many, many months but the BOM have said today that decent rain is expected over 95% of Australia in the next week.  But whether that happens is another story.

Going good transferring my music to my ipod - have almost 7000 songs on now - around 500 hours so I think that may keep me occupied for a little while .... rotfl.

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends with partners - to those who don't have one .... Happy S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)..... lol.

On this day you are encouraged to celebrate in your own way - so join me!  

You could treat yourself to lots of chocolate, go to the movies, stay in bed all day, watch DVD movie marathons, buy yourself something special.

I indulged in some new undies - nothing like sexy underwear to make a girl feel happy when she is down .... lol.    Of course the only people who see them are me and anyone who looks over the back fence when I wash them and they are on the line but who cares?

Just the knowledge that you have something exotic underneath the jeans and shirt is enough to bring a smile to the face of any woman  Next time you see a woman with a secret smile and you wonder why, it may just be because she is feeling oh so good.

I will also buy myself some yummy chocolates - either Ferrero Roche or Guylian Seashells ... my two favourite chocolates.  So have a very happy S.A.D!

Got a few calls from the guy I had dinner with a couple of times; told him I wasn't interested in taking things any further and thanks for the two dinner dates.  He rang and kept asking to go out again and I had to get firm in the end and tell him I just wasn't interested in him.  Hopefully he got the message - there has to be a spark, some chemistry for things to work and it was only on his side.

Got another request for contact and accepted; talked for a number of days and we got around to discussing a coffee date then he dropped the clanger - he was a cross-dresser and could only have sex if he was dressed as a woman and the woman he was with was also fully dressed.

Ooookkkaaayyyyy - whatever floats your boat is fine by me - this just doesn't float mine.  Now if he had said he was into bondage or wax or something I may have been interested enough to meet for coffee but a crossdresser?  

No - sorry but no thanks. 

I seem to attract all the weirdos, the rock trolls, the scammers, the way-out kinksters and the just plain yuk uglies out there.  I have no idea why; my friends call me 'the weirdo magnet' ... lol.   

Just once it would be nice to get contacted by a genuinely attractive nice tall guy who I am attracted to and who is attracted to me in return - haven't met one of them for a hell of a long time, probaby since I was in my 20s ..... lol.  Would be nice to fall madly in love just once.

Still I have found it another way - I don't like ice-cream; never really have.  Anyway, the other day I had a craving for some, beats me why but a girl should never ignore cravings.  So I bought some Connoisseur Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia - I am in LOVE!!!

OMG - it is out of this world!

Tried the Sumatran Coconut and it is almost as good.  They just may just change my mind about eating ice-cream.  So now sitting in my freezer is a box that is calling my name; just like a siren sitting on a rock singing and calling to me ...... beckoning .... eat me!   eat me! 

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