Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OMG .......


I am over the moon!

They accepted it!!!

My very first submission to the very first publisher - and they accepted it!

My first in a series - "The Club - Bound" is going to be published!   The publisher is hoping to have it ready for May 2014 in electronic form.

Whoohooo I am an AUTHOR - a real one!   LOL.

I read in the contract that they (the Publisher) have first dibs on any book in a series and seeing how I have written the 2nd one and 3/4 way through the third there is a good chance they may get picked up also!

I honestly thought it would be rejected; actually commented to my best friend that I will probably be able to wallpaper the house with reject slips .... lol.

99% of unsolicited first time submissions get rejected so to get a 'yes' on the first submission is unbelievable, and to the first publisher!   Not only that; on their website in the submission details they say it takes between 6-8 weeks before you hear whether you have been accepted .... I got an acceptance letter after 10 days!!!

Now I will have to submit my really long novel as well.

Still doing the happy dance around the house!!!!

UPDATE :  Now I know it is real; I have just signed the Publishing Agreement!!!   Read the publishing schedule and my book will be available through the publishers website, Amazon & KINDLE, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Googleplay and Borders KOBO.   This is so exciting!

And I have discussed the cover art work and blurbs!

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