Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fingers Crossed ..... UPDATE at the bottom.

Finger crossed all.

Submitted a manuscript to a publisher last Friday and I have to wait and see.

Anyway, the publisher has said they usually take 6-8 weeks to give you an answer so maybe I will get an great Easter present ..... lol.

It is the shorter manuscript, 26500 words, 'The Club - Bound'.  I figured I would try it first and then try the longer novel (75000 words).  I would expect it to be rejected; I don't know if anyone ever got their first novel accepted by the first publisher.  But all the same it is exciting just to know I have actually submitted something.

Got a review in from the longer novel, 'The Hunters Heart' and it was all positive; the reader loved it - thought the storyline was great, loved the characters and the steamy side of it. So happy that so far all the readers have given me positive feedback.

Another reason to like Facebook - I asked among my few hundred friends who would be prepared to read and review and lots put up their hands!

My son and his wife are having a scan next week and they hope to find out the sex of their baby - don't know if they are going to tell the rest of us or leave it as a surprise - but either way it is exciting.  Has been a horrid pregnancy so far but the last scan showed that everything is going well and the baby is doing exactly as it should.

Done a little 'baby goodies' shopping but I will definitely get more in before it arrives.

Met up with a couple of girls I used to work with many years ago; haven't seen or heard from them for ages.  Anyway, out of the blue I got a phone call from one and we met today for a coffee. Three and a half hours later we figured we had better call a halt but plan the 3 of us will meet up again soon and do it on a regular basis.

Have you ever caught up with old friends or colleagues and then spent hours and hours laughing and giggling?

Been raining and more is expected so I didn't get to drive up to Glenbrook; although I did have a Doc appointment yesterday, and have to go to the dentist tomorrow (hate the dentists but it is only for a check up so fingers crossed they don't find anything).

I have been known to chicken out and run out of the dentist's chair on a couple of occasions .... so big deep breathe tomorrow and keep my fingers and toes crossed.

So with the Doc, the Dentist and meeting up with friends I couldn't have gone to Jellybean even if the weather had been okay.  Will see what next week brings on both the weather and the health front.

UPDATE  :  Knew there was a reason I hate going to the dentist; now I have to have a root canal done on a tooth starting next month ..... aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!

Knew I shouldn't have updated my home & mobile phone numbers with them when I got my new ones ..... silly me ..... lol.  I wouldn't have got a reminder for a checkup and I could be in blissfull ignorance still.

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