Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Drugs, Done ......

Well, think I am finally getting better - a little anyway.  Yesterday was the first day since 30th Dec that I haven't spent part of it in bed.  Onto my 3rd lot of drugs; finally think they are working.  This morning I had to venture out to refill the scripts but at least I don't feel as bad.

Raced into the supermarket while the chemist was doing his thing and grabbed some milk, bread .... and some packets of jelly crystals - I have had this craving for jelly and only had a couple of very old out of date packs at home ...lol.

Haven't done much except sleep and watch a few things on the idiot box; must be ill because I can go months without turning the stupid thing on .... lol.

Did manage to get the first edit done on my novel; have a friend reading it for me and waiting (im)patiently for her verdict - do I continue or do I throw it in the bin.

If she says do another edit I will be very excited - then will find a few other people to read it.  Just a matter of finding people who read the genre - Erotic Paranormal Romance - lol.

So people who love Christine Feehan, J R Ward, Katie MacAllister and the like - basically it is 50 shades meets spooky paranormal stuff except it is only 40 shades ..... rotfl.  Still trying to come up with a good title .... A Hunter's Heart is just a working one unless I can't think of anything better.

Went through all my other partly written novels and decided that of the dozen there is really only a couple that have any bones of a reasonable story.  The one I have now finished is written in such a way that there can be more with a similar themes just different characters.

Been planning some more artworks ... a portrait and some more self studies.    Which is good, my paints have been sitting idle since last year ...lol.

So finger's crossed that at last I am over the worst and back in the land of the living!

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