Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Doctor ..... who????

Well I have started the New Year in fine form - been rather ill since the 31st, in fact been in bed since then.  Finally felt well enough, even still very sick, to drive to a doctor on Saturday.  My own doctor was still closed so had to just find anywhere that was open.

Nice looking young femal doctor, she asked me my syptoms, etc and then proceeded to give her diagnosis - "you are sick."


So 10 years or more of medical training to tell me something even my grandkids could have!  Anyway, she wrote out scripts for drugs and I made it home without crashing.  Tuesday now and I am finally starting to feel a little better, managing to keep down food so whatever she gave me is starting to work.

From now on the only person I want to hear say "I'm the Doctor" is David Tennant.

Just as an aside - my usual doctor battled cancer last year and has cut his workload down, so if I need to see someone and he is not there I see either of his two partners - a husband and wife team.  The husband is David Tan and his wife ...... Doctor Hoo

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