Saturday, 25 January 2014

Books, Dinners, Sweets and Music ....

Getting into this writing lark.

Have a number of people reading my longer novel, A Hunter's Heart,  and the feedback so far is very good.  Really happy, 75000 words is a lot and if no-one liked it I would have been disappointed.

Dragged out some other partly finished ones, some I deleted and a couple have possibilities.  Started writing an anthology of short stories all set in a BDSM club, the book is called The Club.

Have finished three each with around 10,000 words, and my test readers have given me the thumbs up for them also.  If anyone reading this blog enjoys Erotic Paranormal Romances or Alternative Lifestyle Romance Erotica please send me an email as I am looking for more guinea pigs to give me feedback.  At the moment I have 10 people reading 'A Hunters Heart' - waiting patiently for their feedback.  I will also need readers for 'The Club'.

Drop me an email if you are interested with the words 'Guinea Pig Reader' as the subject ..... lol.  But remember only if you enjoy and the read the genres mentioned above.                           

Looking into publishing them as ebooks rather than hard copies.  It works out cheaper; packages start at $150 and go to $650.  Of course, if I can find a publisher who will accept them that will save all my problems.

Finally turning the corner on illness. I am actually feeling much better, about 85% and each day is better than the one before, although I did have to go back to the Docs today (Saturday) - more drugs :(

Had a coffee date the other day, then dinner and then a second dinner with a very nice man.   But I am not sure I will take it any further, too many differences and not much in common, it is nice to have differences but you do need some common ground and to be honest there really wasn't much.  Still it was lovely to get out and have some normal conversation with someone other than my cats and dog.

Haha knowing my luck it will be my last dinner date for the rest of the year ....... :) .... but who cares?

Still going crazy for jellies; weird I know.  I usually go crazy for chocolate but amazingly I have had a box of maltesers in the fridge since Christmas day and have only eaten a couple.  Normally I adore sweets and they would be gobbled up in a few hours.  Still I imagine my craving for sweets will return.

Lets be honest, a girl can live without a lot of things but chocolate is definitely not on that list for me.

Finally got all my music from my computer onto my Ipod; now I have to tackle the 150 CDs that are in my car.  Amazing what a long job it is; of course it doesn't help that I keep finding other music I like to add on.  Thank goodness I bought the Ipod that had 160gb; that should keep me happy.

Got the soundtracks from all the Cirque de Soleil acts, fabulous music and also managed to get my hands on the complete Beatles discography.

PS - wonder if anyone notices the subliminal message in the post title?  It is the initials covering the subject of the second  Didn't realise it until I went to post.

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