Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Auction, Writing, New Year ....

Big Dog Rescue on Facebook has an auction of one of my paintings .... only a couple of days left to bid (finishes on 29th Dec at 8am).

This is a great organisation who do wondeful work without funding.  They work on donations so please consider bidding.   (27cm x 39.5cm [10.5" x 15"]  Watercolour monotone)

Well after all the excitement of last week I have settled back down into my normal routine - well as normal as anything can be for me.  The last few weeks I have done a lot of babysitting as my eldest DIL get her clients up to speed before the break (she run's her own very successful Bookkeeping Service), really tired ..... lots of fun but it is exhausting!

She and her hubby are finally taking a break, although my son also runs his own business (Builder) and has a couple of small jobs to do during the break.

Haven't done much painting; decided I would actually finish one of the many fiction/novels I have started over the years.

Really excited, have completed nearly 40,000 words - that equates to around 140-145 pages.  Have a couple of people reading bit and one person reading the whole thing as I finish a chapter to gauge interest and so far it has been positive.

Of course, writing it is one thing but getting it published is a whole different plan.  Just have to wait and see once it is completed and all the loose ends tied up.  There is always the self-publish route that I can go down.  I looked into it before (have a non-fiction actually finished just needs tidying up) and you can actually do it through Amazon.

You can either let them assign you an ISBN number (cheaper way) or purchase one yourself.  If I did self-publish I would purchase my own as you have more freedom; Amazon sort of holds you if you use their assigned one.

Anyway, have to finish this one first and then do the editing and tidying up.

Looking forward to the New Year, 2013 was pretty rotten as far as I was concerned.   Nothing nicely memorable so 2014 won't have to do much to exceed 13; still it ended on a positive note with the Councils decision.

The only other positive was I haven't heard from the guy I broke up with in Dec 2011 since he rang & emailed in July so think either he has finally left me alone or else he is still sending emails but my provider is marking the as junk and deleting them.

Had enough to deal with this year without the added stress of someone alternating telling me they wanted to see me, they missed me then telling me I was psychotic, rude and disgusting for saying no   Just what you need when you are recovering from major surgery and related stress.

So roll on 2014 - not one for resolutions .... far too easily broken but I do want to finish my novel and have it published either by myself or with someone.  Also looking forward to 2014 for my 'doggie pal for Fozzie' search, hopefully I manage to find one easily.

Other resolutions .... none really?  Well I would like to get out a bit more; been saying I would go out at least one a month but it hasn't eventuated so 2014 hopefully I manage it  ..... lol.

I want to explore some new areas for painting ideas .... I tend to go to the same places so some new ideas are needed.

I also want to go back up to Bilpin and pick some apples - Delicious variety will be available very soon (late Jan I think) so I may take a drive to Bilpin, get some apples and then continue on to Mt Tomah Botanical gardens.  Each time I have headed up there something has stopped me driving all the way.  Last time it was road works, the time before rain ..... fingers crossed I actually manage to reach it next time.

..... and naturally I will be stopping at Pie in the Sky on the way; impossible to drive passed them.  Their delicious fruit pies - yum!  (Not to mention their wonderful fresh

Christmas all organised, well the shopping part.  Did 95% online, perfect for someone like me who hates shopping.  I have them all wrapped and ready for Santa to pick up and deliver.

Don't bother decorating or putting up a tree - no-one to see it except Fozz and the cats and I don't think they really care .... lol.  Mind you one of the presents is for Fozzie and I have had to move it.

I have no idea how he knows but know he does.  He kept trying to get onto the table to grab it; so I have hidden it away and out of reach.  The cats aren't the slightest bit interested in theirs; although Spotty has gone absolutely crazy with a piece of wrapping paper and twine.  The paper ended up shredded into a 1000 pieces and he ran through the house a few dozen times carry the twine in his mouth.

He does go crazy for paper ... attacked my waste paper bin in the studio the other day and I ended up with paper from one end of the house to the other but he did enjoy himself for over an hour.  He managed to beat that paper into submission.  I did try to take some from him but, as you can see, the claws were out, there was much growling and fierce eye stares so I decided discretion was the better part of valour and left him to it.

Oh - and just for Ms/Mr Seven Hills/Blacktown/wherever ..... new hair colour; do wish you wouldn't remain anonymous.  Why not be brave and send an email introducing yourself.  After all these years you know me but I have no idea who you are ...... rotfl.

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