Sunday, 3 November 2013

Memory Lane Trip .....

21st 1969
I bought a gadget that converts slides and negatives to jpeg to save on your computer; I have around 3000 old slides and been slowly going through them all.

A lot have deteriorated, lots are sooooo boring but some bring back lots of memories.

These few were taken between 1968 and 1973.

Some of the slides I couldn't remember at all and yet others I remembered people, names, places and emotions .... looking back at my 21st - the love of my life Stuart Smith sitting there; I had forgotten how much fun that night was.

Sailing into Tokyo 1969
The ones taken in South America and Japan were filled with vivid memories - did I really take myself to all those places by myself?

Standing at the Peace monument at Nagasaki Peace Park - filled with so much emotion.

The amazing Easter Island!  Machu Picchu!  Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuaman!

I remember being caught in Chile during the Allende Coup - I had flown from Peru to Chile to change planes for a flight to Tahiti and then back to Sydney.

Peace Park Nagasaki
Instead when the plane landed all the passengers were taken off and told there would be no flights in and out indefinitely.

Chile 1973
Machu Picchu 1973
So I was stuck in Chile for just over a week while the coup d'etat was happening; funny at the time it was exciting but looking back I was bloody lucky.

Gunfire, teargas, water cannons - ducking behind buildings so as to not get shot; the pain and burning eyes from tear gas and getting knocked off my feet from the water cannons.

The photo is of a demonstration that was taken from the Hotel Crillon ... there were hundreds of people coming from all directions and marching through the capital (Santiago) and I had heard that the military knew so I retreated to a high vantage point.

Start of a demo Chile 1973
Water cannons were used on the thousands around the area trying to make them dispurse before they got to the main destination.  There was also tear gas used which wafted up to where I was hanging out the window .... it didn't hurt as much as it would have for those on the ground and in direct aim of it.

I know this for a fact because one day I turned a corner and there was a mob of people chanting and protesting; the water cannon tanks and police came up from behind me and I got caught in the whole thing.  My eyes stung for what seemed like ages; luckily I got water from the cannon and sort of breathed through my wet shirt.  I bathed them as soon as possible and washed everything I was wearing.  Think it took a few hours for the symptoms to subside.

There was a shortage of accommodation but a nice guy who worked for Lan Chile airlines (Gustavo) was able to get me an apartment of a friend of his who was away from the capital.  It cost me $10 US for the week I was there.  Had to go shopping and there were lots of shortages - I lined up for toilet paper for a few hours - but he knew the best places for everything ..... lol.

Chile & Gustavo 1973
The funny thing was everyone sort of carried on as usual except people learned to run the opposite way when you heard gunfire or tanks.

Finally the planes started flying again and off I went back home; with an overnight stop in Tahiti, and filled with great memories that I would never forget.



Halloween on board "Canberra" 1969

"Canberra" 1969


  1. So many adventures, you have had. You should be writing it all down so your Grandchildren, when they are older, will know what an awesome Grandmother they had! :)

  2. You never cease to amaze me! If only....!