Monday, 21 October 2013

Waiting ........

There is a thick pall of smoke over Sydney and the air is strong with the cloying smell of smoke, it is almost still and there is a sense of fear and dread, we are all holding our breath waiting.  It is 35c and the temperature is still rising; we have 38c predicted for today and 35c Tuesday and Wednesday with those NW & NE winds predicted.

There is a very real risk that the 3 fires in the Blue Mountains will join together and give birth to a mega-fire. Weather conditions for the next few days are perfect for creating a monster. NSW Emergency Service Minister Mike Gallacher says northwesterly winds could push the large fire at Bell into two others - and towards more populated areas like Katoomba and Leura, and western Sydney.  So we wait and we pray and we send our thanks to those selfless heroes striving to protect.

The view from my backyard - visibility is greatly reduced; it is like a foggy winter's morning except for the smell. It is so still so the smoke is just laying like a blanket across Sydney; but the wind is expected to pick up late this afternoon.

So finger's crossed Mother Nature takes pity and decides to send rain instead of wind.

So what to do?

No use going out anywhere - the risk of fires is everywhere so better to stay out of everyone's way and paint. But what to paint?

Sketching out a few ideas but nothing really takes my fancy; my last piece was this giraffe and her/his mum.

A couple elephant babies and their mum were the two before that.  

Got some good photographs from the Photo-a-day group; asked the photographers for permission to use them and each one has said yes.  One was of an old egyptian gentleman, another a giraffe head and one was different from my usual in that it was of an old door with a rusted lock & ivy.

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  1. I love doors! I did a series of them once, many years ago. Might revisit that topic one day. :)