Sunday, 22 September 2013

Excited .....

Getting excited ....

My very best friend in the whole world is coming to stay for a weekend in three weeks!

We 'met' online and it was many, many years before I actually met her in the flesh; she 'held' my hand through the keyboard while I was striving to save my sanity when my husband was alive, when I struggled after he died and then when things in my life got complicated and I was going through hell and depression.

I drove up to Newcastle to meet her and her great husband last year and now they are coming down here.

It is funny - I have always been a loner, even as a child and never had 'girlfriends'.  Always preferred my own company and had acquaintances but never anyone close.

Then when I was struggling to cope with things I started a blog.  L had been a member of an online quilting group that I also belong to and somehow she started reading my blog.  From the first post she commented on I knew there was something special about her; it must have been around 2000, not too sure exactly.  I left work in 2000 to act as full time carer after my husband got ill in 1994.  I did write before 2000 but not as much.

She was there, holding my hand and listening to my worries when things were going downhill with my husband and then when he finally died in 2008; she was the lifeline I clung to.

She was there when I got into a stupid relationship that was doomed from the start and when it degenerated into something nasty and I started slipping into hell she was there to hold a light while I was in the terrible dark abyss.   She supported me when that ex began stalking and she is still there sitting in my corner.  Never once has she judged, never once has she criticised, never once has she turned her back - not many could say that about a person.

If I had to pick someone who could be my sister - my soul sister - it would be her.  I am sure in our past lives we were together - either as friends or family - and I am sure in our future reincarnations we will be again.

My only regret is I didn't meet her until late in life - I wish I could have know her in my younger days; still we make up for lost time .... lol.

She is clever, witty, funny, beautiful!  She has faced such adversities and yet she can smile even when crying inside.  She has enough on her plate to last 10 lifetimes and yet she has time to help a friend pick up the pieces.

Her clever husband is an author - he has two books available through Amazon.  One is non-fiction and is a really great little book - With a Mind to Achieve - something to make you think. The other a fiction - full of action & romance - To the Honour of the Kings.

Check them out - you won't regret it, they are both very good reads.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fluey, TV, Dr Who .....

Fozzie is a lot better, in fact if you didn't know he had been hurt you wouldn't notice anything different.  So very glad, he gave me quite a scare.

He had his monthly pampering today and got really fussed over when the lady who does it knew he had been hurt and boy, did he lap it all up .... he is such a big sook!

So now he is all clean and fluffy, at least for a day or so anyway ...

It is great fun having grandchildren but sometimes it is a pain in the proverbial .... lol

A few weeks ago my grand daughters had a virus that swept through all their family, including me, took just over a week to get rid of it.  Thought everything was back to normal but then minded the girls last Monday week and the youngest had a rotten head cold/flu/ear infection.

Yep, you guessed it!  Nanny ended up with it .... at the moment I have no voice and feel like I have been hit by one of the trains that runs past my house each day.

Hopefully I can get rid of it quickly and get back to 'normal' .... well 'normal' for me .... lol.  I hate feeling ill and having no voice doesn't help at all, although my DIL says I can make those ..... heavy breathing type phone calls ..... rotfl.

Had intended to go and take some more photographs this week and maybe do some painting/sketching but with this cold all I feel like doing is curling up in bed.

Watched some television; had recorded a lot of stuff over the past few months and hadn't watched much of it so figured while I was feeling low I may just as well sink into television hell.  Watched lots of Criminal Minds and all of the Father Brown Mysteries; caught up on Doctor Who and think I am up-to-date with QI (love that program).

I am normally not much of a TV person but when you are not well and don't really feel like doing much it is a great time killer.  One thing you will not catch me watching is reality stuff like Big Brother, The Block, X Factor, Loser, etc - how anyone can watch them is beyond me.

Most of my viewing is of British mysteries with the occasional yank one thrown in.  Just watch Broadchurch - now that was one of the best things that has been on TV for a long time: great acting, perfect cast, amazing script.  Read they are going to make a second season ... will be hard to top or even come close to the first.  David Tennant played lead and was amazing.

I love David Tennant - he was absolutely the best Dr Who in my opinion, with Tom Baker coming in second.  In fact I couldn't handle it when Matt Smith took over; I watched the first episode he was in and then stopped watching; I just didn't like his portrayal.  Now that Peter Capaldi had been announced as the next incarnation I decided I would like to watch it but I figured I better catch up and watch the ones I missed.

Fortunately Foxtel is showing repeats on UKTV so I am up to David Tennant as the Doc, just watched Turn Left; so that is, I think, 6 more episodes before Matt Smith takes over.  (The SciFi channel actually is running repeats too but back when Tom Baker was the Doctor).

I will admit to being a bit of a Doctor Who nut - I have watched all the episodes from when it first started in 1963 and continued up to my stopping at Matt Smith .... lol.

My Dad loved the show too and we tried to never miss an episode.  There were some great SciFi series back in the 70s too - Space:1999 and UFO both British and both written by the Andersons of Thunderbirds fame.

Anyway, if you check out my desk you will see my TARDIS pencil case and my little red Dalek desk defender that runs around my desk shouting "Exterminate! Exterminate!".  Plus the door to my studio is painted as my own TARDIS, unfortunately it isn't larger on the inside.

I have to admit though, after a few minutes listening to my Dalek shouting Exterminate! I turn off the sound; it does get a bit wearing after a while .... lol.

The other thing I like is to do when not 100% is to veg out watching DVDs - so while I have been blah I watched Medicine Man with Sean Connery - absolutely love the soundtrack for that movie, think it is one of the best written; watched Fierce Creatures - John Cleese cracks me up .... all those double entrendres .... lol.

Dipped into Armagedon again, and then Beetlejuice.  Bought The Hobbit so that will be maybe for today or tomorrow.

By the end of this flu I will totally hate TV and probably go a few months without bothering to turn it on; last year I went 8 months without switching it on and then suddenly realised I had set the IQ box to record some series.

When I switched it on there was only 2% left on the IQ box,which meant there was a hell of a lot of stuff to watch, when you consider most things only take up 1 or 2% you will understand just how much must have been on it - I ended up deleting most of it rather sit through it all ...... lol.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Fozzie Bear .......

Big sigh of relief!

My beautiful Fozzie got hurt and for a moment thought he had broken his back or at the least fractured his hip.

He was playing and running around the dining table (playing with Mr Spot), there was a wet spot on the floor - he was turning and as he ran his back legs slid under him and he twisted and fell with his left hind leg twisted under him.
He just screamed and couldn't move; it was a most horrific sound. My heart plunged; I was sure he was badly injured.

Spent over an hour at the Vets yesterday morning.  My wonderful vet twisted, pulled, pushed, massaged, thumped and generally wiggled things around.  He is 99% sure there is no bone damage - it is certainly his hip but nothing broken.

My Vet was telling me that it is amazing how many serious injuries in dogs happen just that way.  Only recently he had to put down a dog who had slipped and broken his back the same way that Fozzie had hurt himself.

Now things are looking brighter - appears to be muscle, tendon damage .... pppphhheeewww.  He looked so sad and in such pain; you could see it in his eyes and his whole body pose, not to mention his whimpering. 

Rest, TLC, antiflamatories, pain killers & massage/stretching for a while.  As you can see by this photo, after all the drama (and the painkiller) he just zonked out as soon as I got him back home.

At least he can walk by himself albeit with a massive limp, I couldn't imaging lifting his 26kgs (58lbs) and carrying him up and down the stairs to go outside

This morning he seems a lot brighter and moving easier.  I have massaged his leg this morning and he didn't cry as much; I was able to stretch the leg much easier too.  The hardest part is getting the pills in him - last night I just hid it in his dinner and this morning I gave him a treat in little pieces with the pill wrapped in one ... ;).

He has been wandering around the house resting in various places and even spent some time with Mr Spot.  Cali even went to him and gave him a very, very quick rub, then sat on the table and watched him.

When it first happened I can remember thinking I had lost him - I was shattered.  How quickly they (pets) become so very important to us.  Probably more so to people like me who live alone and are loners.  Our pets become our best friends, someone we share our deepest secrets with, our companions.

I doubt I could ever live without having a pet, they bring so much joy and comfort and unconditional love not to mention the security when living alone and having a big dog who barks and protects me.  Not too sure about the cats being a safety thing - Cali runs and hides under the bed whenever anyone comes and Spotty couldn't give a damn unless he was sure he was going to get a pat ..... lol.