Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Breast Compressing .....

Today it was that time of the year to have my Mammogram - if there is one thing I really love doing it is having my breasts slammed between two pieces of perspex and squeezed as tight as possible .... NOT!!!!

Okay - I realise how vitally important it is to have regular mammograms; I had a lump remove when I was in my 30s and have had to have regular mammograms since.  I would also insist that any female friends or relatives have them but do they have to be so f***ing painful?

Maybe it depends on the size of one's breast - I admit to being well endowed or maybe it doesn't matter the size they all hurt.

70024 Mammogram Views of the BreastNot being satisfied with squashing each breast horizontally, they also compress them vertically. The compression of each breast down to the width of a slice of toast is definitely not pleasant but, girls, it really is important to have it done.

So, any women reading this, especially those over the age of 40 or those with a family history of breast cancer please, please, please do have regular mammograms.  It is worth putting up with a few minutes pain to check than to not have one done.

If you live in NSW then go to the Breast Screen NSW to find out how to make an appointment, don't put it off girls!

I am sure there are similar organisations all around Australia and in most other countries.

And don't forget to check your breasts each month girls.  There is a great little app available to android and apple users that gives some hints on how to check your breasts (with some cute guys) and a monthly reminder you can set.

So now that is behind me for another year or so I can now relax and smile sweetly.

And because I was such a brave, good girl I gave myself a couple of Macarons as a reward ....  rotfl

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  1. Good lady! I am sure there has to be a better way.