Friday, 30 August 2013

FMS Photo-A-Day .... New Laptop - Finally

Mentioned I am in a Facebook group doing a photo a day - had the prompt "cluttered" so I took this pic of my head .... I am sure my brain is so cluttered it could do with a good spring clean ..... lol

Tomorrow's prompt is "dangerous" .... mmmm - not sure what to do for that one.

These are the prompts for September - some tricky ones in there.

At last I have bought a new computer - my old computer was so so sick; in fact I haven't been game enough to turn it off for the last 2 or 3 months because I didn't know if I would get it to turn back on.

We had our power off a few Friday's ago from 8-4 and it took me 3/4 hour to get the damn thing to start and actually stay on.

Anyway I finally realised that I would just have to get another one and be done with.

So for the last 3 days I have been loading all my 'stuff' onto the new one.  I have an small external drive that I keep my music and ebooks on and I did a back up of all my photographs but I ran out of space.  So when I got the new computer I bought another external drive - a 2 tb - so that should keep me out of trouble for a while.

Anyway, what did I buy?  Did lots of research but all the while remembering that when you buy a new computer it is old hat as soon as you walk out the door.

I knew I wanted a reasonable sized HDD and a 15" screen - at least 8 mgs RAM - and a DVD drive; the rest was cosmetic really.

So ended up with an Asus - nice 15.5" screen, 12mgs ram, 1tb HDD, Windows 8 - happy little camper now.

I can't believe the amount of 'stuff' I had on my old one and on the - over 19 gbs of ebooks, almost 60gbs of music (and that was after I had lost over 70gbs :( when my old machine crashed early in the year).

Been slowly trying to remember what I had and copy them back on. 

It's kind of like trying to remember books that you read years ago and liked and want to read again - you can remember the story but not the name or the author.

I just reading a series of fiction books - serial killers - by John Lutz; he wrote Single White Female, anyway, I finished his Quinn series and now searching around for another series to read.  

I remember reading the Nero Wolfe books years ago and Ngiao Marsh Inspector West books - loved them - so now trying to find a new author.

I found Liz Gardner so am reading her first book in a series "Alone" 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I like Jeffrey Deavers, Karen Slaughter, Kathy Reichs type serial killers  Like adventure books too like Matthew Reilly, Clive Cussler, James Rollins, etc.  And of course Tolkien - can't get enough - think last count was 101 for The Lord of the Rings .... lol.

.... Oh and if you think of any clever ideas for the September prompts email me them too (email addy is top right) ..... rotfl.

I love fresh flowers but they can be very expensive; anyway when I was shopping last week at the supermarket they had bunches of daffodils for charity so I bought some. 

Don't know about you but I hate those mixed bunches of flowers; I love all the same variety in a vase .... lol.  Love lovely yellow roses in a bunch or sweet violets or poppies.  Hell, if someone was buying them for me I wouldn't care if they were plain old white daisies or even weeds .... rotfl.

which reminds me - my late husband of 33 years ( a policeman) never bought me flowers (in fact I have never had a male in my life who did .... lol)

.... anyway, one day he actually came home with a large bunch of beautiful roses and carnations and I was amazed as he had never done that before (and never again

I got all excited until he told me that he and another officer had gone to a disturbance at the local cemetery and the guard there had given them to him as a thank you .....!!!!!!!

So the only way I ever got flowers was to either grow them or buy them for myself - and it hasn't changed .... I still buy them for myself (not that I have a male in my life to buy them) given up on growing them because I am the world's worst gardener.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wanderings .... plus Hair Colour Update .... lol

Been doing a lot of painting lately (sorry Mr/Ms Wentworthville not nudes); the weather has been sunny but cold winds blowing; we have had a lot of 50kph gusts with it.  

Took a trip to Glenbrook, on the Lower Blue Mountains, 2 weeks ago.  Got a few pictures but it was late in the afternoon so not really good for photographing.  Will have to take a trip back there earlier in the day.

This is the local swimming spot - Jellybean pool - bit of a climb to get down to; I only went half way just to get a few pics.  Next time I will probably get closer although I like the aspect from partway up.

When my kids were at high school it was a favourite spot; in fact I know they used to borrow my car, fill it with their mates (and on a few occasions a teacher or two) and spent the day there instead of being in class.

Was going to take another trip up the mountains but decided to save it to a day when it isn't so windy, don't want to get blown off the cliffs at Katoomba or take a dive into Jellybean from the top of the mountain ... lol.

Bought 1.5kgs of strawberries for $4 aso decided to make jam with most of them; saved a couple to eat (have some Cadbury chocolate so will melt it to dunk them in) - got 4 jars from them.

So easy to make, takes about 5-10 mins and no preservatives, no artifical colours just lovely juicy fruit and sugar.

I belong to a photography group on Facebook - we have to post a photo a day and are given the prompts for each day at the beginning of the month.  Some days I struggle to think of what to photograph to suit the day's prompt and have to rummage through old pics I have taken to find something to suit.

Today's prompt was "a room" and as I was making jam I figure why not do the kitchen.  Then I remembered I had a panorama setting on my camera and haven't tried it out.  Basically you take 3 photographs and the camera does the rest.

Was easy to use and this is the result - you can even see the two cats if you look carefully; Fozzie was standing on my feet so he didn't get in it .... lol.

Artist impressionTomorrow's prompt is yellow and I have no idea what to do; also have Culture in a few days time and beats me what to do for that one too.

 Took a trip to Costco, didn't buy much but stocked up on cans for the cats and some fruit and veg.  Next year I won't have to travel to Auburn if I want to go there because they are building one at Marsden Park which is 10mins drive.  There will also be a big Bunnings, Masters and Ikea (is going to be the largest in the southern hemisphere); naturally Macca's are also going to be there.

Drove past the Wet N Wild site - it is supposed to open in December this year; it is 5 mins drive from my house - just 4.5km.  

I noticed that they are refurbishing the twin drive-in and building a motel between the drive-in and the Royal Cricketer's Arms.

screen central SRoyal Criketers arms 1
Haven't been to the Cricketer's Arms for years - loved it; they have great food and great atmosphere - would be nice to go there again but not into going out for meals

Originally the hotel was name Royal Cricketers Arms Hotel and was built between 1876 and 1881.  James Manning was issued with the first Publican's licence in 1881.

In 1963, the property was sold again and used as a Drive-In Theatre and the hotel was used as a caretaker's residence. In 1989, the Department of Planning placed a Permanent Conservation Order on the property. The hotel was abandoned and suffered much vandalism until 1992 when restoration work began on the building. James Kellie proposed to reopen it in the style of an 'Old English Pub' in 1993, so the Cricketers Arms Hotel currently operates as a hotel once again.

Hairdressers on Monday (and Fozzie's bath day - wonder what colour I will be?  Thinking purple and blue again - I liked that combination.

Yep, ended with purple again but this time platinum (silver) all over and then 2 different shades of purple streaks just on the long top side ....

I like this one - what do you think?  Cut off some of the longer back so shaved one side, then layered on the otherside into the long fringe.

Updated my dating profile on OASIS with more recent pics including this one; closed all the other ones and only check this one every few weeks but figured I should at least update the pics on it.  

Wonder if that will work or will I just get more of the same?  You know, guys who only want a sex buddy or little boys in their 20s ..... rotfl.