Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bears, Books and Babbling ....

Had a coffee date - AND we are planning on meeting up again for a day out!  Just shows when you aren't expecting anything something crops up .... lol.

Finally got all the bookcases sorted out; I had one in my sewing room that had more junk on it's shelves than anything useful so I decided to bite the bullet and throw out anything I thought I would no longer use and - voila - a 1m x 2m bookcase with 8 shelves emptied!

So that is out opposite the Sallie one; 2 shelves filled but the rest are gloriously empty.  Now I can haunt the local 2nd hand places with impunity knowing I have heaps of room.  Just have to tackle the mess I have left in my sewing room.

I haven't actually made any quilts for many years; while my husband was alive I made heaps but I stopped when he died and hadn't got the urge to quilt back.  Lately I have been thinking I may start again.  The sewing room in the meantime had turned into a storage area so it will need a major cleanup.

There are 5 bookcases (ROTFL) in there but they are all filled with sewing stuff like threads, books on quilting and sewing notions so they will not be moving anywhere in a hurry.

A few years back I moved all my stash from open air shelves into storage boxes, there are 8 very large ones filled with fabric and I think I will leave them in them even if I do start sewing again; just need to sort them a little.  They are already sorted by colour but that will need refining.

There are also teddy bears in there - lots and lots and lots of teddy bears.  For a while (about 20 yrs ago) I was making collectable bears and selling them all over the world and I still have one of every prototype plus a few that I collected from other people or ones I have purchased.

These 4 took ages to make ... lol
I still have a lot of equipment and mohair from my bear making days that I should put on Ebay.

Anyway, the bookcases have to stay, and stay filled as they are, plus the shelves of bears, etc.  There is also a computer desk with a dead computer but a great flatscreen monitor that, even though it is 6 years old, has only had 3 months use.

There is also a 2 metre table that I use for cutting fabric, sewing on etc.  So I think my next project will be to clean it out and throw out anything I will no longer use, or else see if I can sell it.  Will be a good idea too, if I decide to move next year as I will have to clear things then.

Time to say goodbye to the orangy/red hair - off to the hairdressers on Monday - decisions, decisions .... what colour to go this time .... lol.  I liked the purple and blue, but maybe my hairdresser will have a great suggestion and it will be something totally different!

Sorry this a lousy pic - damn hard to take one of yourself; especially when you need glasses to see.... rotfl - plus it looks sort of pinky blonde which it certainly isn't .... oh well, you sort of get the idea.


  1. :) Good luck with the sorting.
    Sounds like that coffee date went well, hey. :)

  2. Like the new blonde you!
    Coffee eh?