Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Featured Artist .....

Whoohoo!!  Guess who is the Featured Artist at Artshed Online?

Oh yes - she has gone purple this month to celebrate .... lol.  Feels like royalty being featured on something .... rotfl.

How hard is it to take photographs of yourself?  This one is not the best but it is the best of a bad bunch of about 25 ... and at least you can see all of my face which was not the case with a lot of the others.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bears, Books and Babbling ....

Had a coffee date - AND we are planning on meeting up again for a day out!  Just shows when you aren't expecting anything something crops up .... lol.

Finally got all the bookcases sorted out; I had one in my sewing room that had more junk on it's shelves than anything useful so I decided to bite the bullet and throw out anything I thought I would no longer use and - voila - a 1m x 2m bookcase with 8 shelves emptied!

So that is out opposite the Sallie one; 2 shelves filled but the rest are gloriously empty.  Now I can haunt the local 2nd hand places with impunity knowing I have heaps of room.  Just have to tackle the mess I have left in my sewing room.

I haven't actually made any quilts for many years; while my husband was alive I made heaps but I stopped when he died and hadn't got the urge to quilt back.  Lately I have been thinking I may start again.  The sewing room in the meantime had turned into a storage area so it will need a major cleanup.

There are 5 bookcases (ROTFL) in there but they are all filled with sewing stuff like threads, books on quilting and sewing notions so they will not be moving anywhere in a hurry.

A few years back I moved all my stash from open air shelves into storage boxes, there are 8 very large ones filled with fabric and I think I will leave them in them even if I do start sewing again; just need to sort them a little.  They are already sorted by colour but that will need refining.

There are also teddy bears in there - lots and lots and lots of teddy bears.  For a while (about 20 yrs ago) I was making collectable bears and selling them all over the world and I still have one of every prototype plus a few that I collected from other people or ones I have purchased.

These 4 took ages to make ... lol
I still have a lot of equipment and mohair from my bear making days that I should put on Ebay.

Anyway, the bookcases have to stay, and stay filled as they are, plus the shelves of bears, etc.  There is also a computer desk with a dead computer but a great flatscreen monitor that, even though it is 6 years old, has only had 3 months use.

There is also a 2 metre table that I use for cutting fabric, sewing on etc.  So I think my next project will be to clean it out and throw out anything I will no longer use, or else see if I can sell it.  Will be a good idea too, if I decide to move next year as I will have to clear things then.

Time to say goodbye to the orangy/red hair - off to the hairdressers on Monday - decisions, decisions .... what colour to go this time .... lol.  I liked the purple and blue, but maybe my hairdresser will have a great suggestion and it will be something totally different!

Sorry this a lousy pic - damn hard to take one of yourself; especially when you need glasses to see.... rotfl - plus it looks sort of pinky blonde which it certainly isn't .... oh well, you sort of get the idea.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Now I'm 64 .....

Wonder if the Beatles wrote this for me today?  Not actually losing my hair (just going grey) and of course there isn't a male to send me valentines ..... rotfl .... but I am 64 today and as it says in the song -

"Send me a postcard, drop me a line,
Stating pint of view.
Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, Wasting Away" 

Love Sooziii .... lol ..... xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Dragons .....

Finished my two grand daughters' portrait - decided to call it "Go Dragons!!" because they are great Dragon's fans .... lol

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Internet Dating, Back Pain, Portraits and Books, Beautiful Books

Had a coffee date on Saturday - my first date this year, mainly because I just haven't been bothered plus the first 4 months were a total write-off anyway .... lol.  The guy seems really nice, very tall and nice looking but I there just wasn't any spark on my side -  even though he said there was plenty on his ....  rotfl.

I haven't really been looking as I got rather fed up with the male attitude assuming a woman my age is interested (& desperate enough) in casual sex and one night stands and nothing else - I prefer something with more meaning - so I haven't been actively trying to meet someone .... I'll leave the desperation to when I'm 100 .... lol.

Decided last week to have a look on the dating site again and see if the quality of males who would like to meet a 63yo (64 next week), slightly insane artist had improved but alas it seems not.

I had 23 invites from 20 and 30 year olds (this is despite having on my profile that I will not accept contact if you are under 53 or married or lived overseas); 11 from men living overseas; 36 from men aged between 75 and 55 and of those 12 were married, 15 wanted a ' no strings' sex buddy and nothing else and of the remaining 9 - one was the guy I had coffee with.  The 75 yo and the 73 yo looked as if they were about to depart this world.

That left 6 - one seemed very nice until he said he was interested in experimental sex which turned out to be involving animals - my goodness ..... lol.

So 5 more  - two were under 5'5" ... I am 5' 9" and really love tall men but if a guy was lovely and my height I would be fine with that but 4 or more inches shorter .... nah.

Of my remaining 3 - one was looking for a travelling partner to tour the world, unfortunately my finances don't allow travel; 1 was a very, very, very heavy gentleman who told me he did have difficulty breathing ... oh dear; and the final one - well let's just say that latex, ropes and whips were involved for using on him .... oh my!!!

Laughingly I think that my 70 interested men had best look elsewhere.

If any of my readers are nice respectful unmarried men, living in Sydney, who have interests in a woman that actually go beyond the bedroom please drop me a line ..... ROTFL .... would love to grab a coffee and spend some time talking.

So will I continue to look?

Beats me - I guess that anything is possible, who knows what is around the corner but one thing I know for sure it won't be with a short, overweight NSA married under 50 yo who wants to travel the world in latex, with whips and an attractive sheep.

This time last year I had a really sore back and had thought I had originally hurt it on a drive around the Central Coast.  I had laser treatment and acupuncture point massage but it didn;t really work but fortunately after about 3 months it went away.

Anyway, it is back again - been struggling with back pain for about 3 or 4 weeks and today I had one of those Eureka moments.

Back in my early 30s I was stationary in a line of cars when another ploughed into the back of one two cars back and my car was concertinaed between the car in front and the one behind.  As a result I ended up with a couple of fused vertebrae.

Today I was cleaning out a cupboard and found the old x-rays and realised that the area I am getting the pain in is the same place - Eureka moment - arthritis from an old injury!

I feel so much happier now; knowing there is a reason for it - obviously with the cooler weather it plays up.  Will have to wait another 12 months to confirm my theory but it makes sense to me, meanwhile if there are any cute men out there who would love to come and massage my back I would be very pleased.

Started another painting - been doing a lot of nudes of late but the one I have just started is a double portrait of my two grand daughters .... my DIL took a photo last week at the football (they are Dragons followers) and it was perfect so I have sketched it out and put the first few layers of watercolour onto it. The girls were both rugged up in their Dragons gear .... lol.

Moved things around again so that most of my books are in the one area.  Been haunting the local Sallie shop in hopes of finding another bookcase.  (Notice how Fozzie managed to do a photo bomb .... lol.)

Anyway, I have an area opposite these where I can put a case up to 1.2m long but it will have to be only 1m deep so I can fit it in the back of the RAV unless I buy one new that you have to put together or get someone to deliver it for me.

I went out to Parklea markets on the weekend to buy some white tea leaves and, despite trying to resist the temptation, I trolled the 2nd hand book stall there and came home with another 4 books.

Last time I went to the Sallies I came home with 7 .... lol ... at this rate I will have to get rid of some more furniture just to put the books somewhere!

But then one can never, never have too many books - and anyway, who really needs a large dining table!