Thursday, 27 June 2013

Studio Tour ......

Hey Mr Wentworthville are you enjoying the self study series?  ...... rotfl .... you could at least give me some feedback.

Okay readers .......

..... come with me on a 'studio' tour - thought there may be one or two of you who may be interested to see where I work.

So these two bookcases are great for holding my coloured pencils and also some of my pads for painting and sketching.  I also keep  a few of my watercolour brushes on top of it when I am not using them.

This is a pile of canvases, work boards and papers that are either works in progress, finished stuff, boards to tape paper onto to put on my easel.

 I have my computer desk in here also - it is handy to have it nearby plus I can play on it when I am waiting for something to dry or waiting for ideas .... lol.

Note Fozzie - he has a lovely soft daybed in the studio but more often than not he likes to sleep under the desk on my feet.  Oh and Mr Spot more often than not steals the day bed.

Miss Calico prefers to sleep in the cat tree through the day but often pops in to look out the window or just for a cuddle.

There is a double doored wardrobe in here that filled with all sorts of goodies.  The drawers have tubes of acrylics, oil paint tubes, various mediums, more pencils, erasers, tapes and ..... err.... um ..... more brushes.

The doors are great for sticking charcoal sketches on - I sometimes sketch out my ideas then look at all the sketches to find one pleasing.

I have this 5 drawer cabinet that I put rollers on and I use it to hold whatever media I am using at the time.  The good thing about it is the 5 drawers are large enough to hold most of my finished artworks that have been done in watercolour, charcoal or pencil.  It is A2 sized.

At the moment I am working on a pastel piece so my pastels are laid out in easy reach along with erasers, water spritzing bottle (used for watercolours), wipes, etc.

I also have this cork board that I have pinned pictures that take my fancy and may one day turn into an artwork.

Oh and I guess this is very important - the actual easel ... lol

This is my relaxation wall ... lol - actually I have a few little shrine areas to The Buddha in my house, being a Buddhist, but this one is in my studio - hopefully he watches over me when I paint.  My tiny Tibetan singing bowl sits here as well.

Also the little bookcase holds some art books that didn't fit in the big bookcase in my family room, I would love to have one room just for books.  My little stereo sits here too but I have to admit it doesn't get used very often as I have an ipod on my desk (did you notice it) that gets turned on first thing and it is the last thing to turn off.

So I hope you enjoyed this little tour.  

I have emptied my garage of most of the stuff in it, the pic shows when the cleaning out was almost finished; and thought about converting it to a studio but as I am considering moving next year I thought it didn't make sense instead I hope to buy an older house in the lower Blue Mountains that either has a studio or a big room to convert or build one.  The good thing about the area is most blocks are between 700 and 1500 square and a lot are over 2000 so I will have plenty of room if I do decide to sell up and move.

The downside is packing up 38 years of accumulated 'stuff' - when I think about that I am positive I will stay here instead .... lol.  

Anyway I will make my mind up next year and if I do decide to stay here I will convert the garage.

It is quite big - when I originally built it I made it extra long and a little wider than usual so it would be great - the only thing is it would have to be lined, a couple of big windows put in for light and some kind of heating and cooling.

Back to the orange/red hair colour - damages the hair too much to keep bleaching it even though I am very grey .... lol.  Not a good picture - will try and get a better one to put here later.

So instead I have gone bright red with blonde streaks through it where the hair is too porous to hold colour; will probably stay with the shades that don't need lightening the hair for a few times.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Entangled Particles .....

New hair colour - been a colourful year; rainbow, pink, red, etc and now purple and blue .... faded a lot since I had it done but I actually like the softer colour of it now.

I think I mentioned that I used to have lots of filled bookcases scattered through the house that I had to get rid of when my late husband was alive to make room for medical stuff like hospital beds and wheelchairs.  Anyway, my collection of books is slowly growing again; that is even though I have around 25,000 ebooks ... lol.

I do love the feel of holding a 'real' book.

Things had become a little unmanageable - I had piles of books resting on piles of books.  The bookcases I had were overflowing, with books stuffed behind others.

So I had been looking for a bookcase to take some of the overflow.  I figured a small three shelf unit would take care of things so I have been haunting the 2nd hand places - mainly the local Salvation Army store.

On Thursday I found one that I liked - it was bigger than I figured I would need but I thought if I did buy it then it would cover future acquisitions. Was cheap and in really good nick so I paid my $50 and it was mine.

Lined up younger son to pick it up early this morning on his ute then got to work with wood oil to clean it up and rearranged the shelves to suit my books.

Then spent an hour gathering all the overflow books and those piled to the ceiling.  Looked good and I still had 5 shelves left to fill as I bought books.

Then I wandered into another room and found more books - damn - down to three and bit shelves left.  Oh well, it will take a while to filled them.

Mmmm .... then I walked into my sewing room - big mistake; should have gone in there before I started looking for a bookcase.

Somehow another pile of books had magically appeared .  By the time I fitted them in there was only one shelf left.

Now I got to thinking - where had all those extra books come from?  I can't remember putting them in the sewing room.

Then it dawned on me - quantum entangled particles!

Let me explain my theory.

Quantum entanglement happens when particles interact physically then become separated. When one particle of a pair is measured it takes on a definite value and then other member of the pair will take on the appropriate correlated value.

So I figured that socks and books are quantumly entangled - when you wash a pair of socks and one disappears in the black hole inside the washing machine, its entangled pair - a book - mysteriously appears to take its place somewhere in the house where the washing machine is located.

Makes sense to me ....