Thursday, 16 May 2013

Perspective ....

It's all a matter of perspective ...

Went up to the Central Coast today to return a lawn mower I had been lent - pay a little guy to mow for me once a month now; then drove to the nearest beach to take a few pictures.

This first picture shows the surf at Copacabana beach ... looks a decent sized surf doesn't it.

Ah, but see that rock in the centre foreground?

It is about 30cm long (12") so that means the 'surf' is about 30cm high!   LOL.

Without anything to give you a good perspective you imagine that the breaking wave is a few metres high at the very least instead of the tiny little ripple that it is.

There was a westerly wind blowing and it meant the sea was almost flat and calm - just the occasional little wave rolling in.

Loved the wonderful shapes and crystal clarity of the water as it swirled around my feet and these two small rocks; they were even smaller than the one above, probably 20cm across.  I have to say the water was damn cold!

Drove a little further to MacMasters Beach - very pretty beach with an pool one end of the beach, near the little Cafe.

The beach was deserted - you can see how calm the water was - it was a beautiful crystal blue.

Found a couple of pieces of interestingly shaped driftwood which I brought.  Noticed there was a lot of pumice stone littering the beach too; picked up three large chunks to bring home as well.

Made me wonder which volcano they have originated from - amazing to think that I was handling something that had been spewed from the throat of some giant miles from where it ended up.

On the way home I grabbed a Latte at Woy Woy Maccas and took it to Somersby Falls to drink with my lunch.  As I opened my car door I almost had a passenger leap in.

This Brush Turkey decided my car took comfy and there was a good chance I may have something yummy for him to eat.

I did have a bread roll for my lunch but in the end he ate most of it.  I tried to ensue his 'harem' got something but whenever I threw to his girls he raced after them, shooing them off.

With some careful maneuvering, throwing something to him far away and something to the girls in the opposite direction I was able to give them something.  But I think I only gave the girls about 1 to his 12 .... lol.

He was very bold and if I didn't feed him quick enough he came over to my hand to check if I had managed to eat anything myself.  He was actually taking the food from my fingers, obviously everyone who stops there must feed them.  He certainly didn't look like he was starving .... lol

Sadly, it hasn't rained much lately so the falls were a mere trickle but still it was a lovely 3/4 hour with very handsome feathered company.

Bought a copy of Dan Brown's Inferno...  then decided before reading it I would revisit the previous three books.  Finished Angels and Demons, now half way through the Da Vinci Code.  Realised I had lent the third book - Lost Symbol (along with The Hobbit, Brief History Of Time and Emerald Atlas) to someone and know that I won't see them again so had to go and buy another copy.

I do have it as an ebook but I like 'real' books for those I reread a lot.  The next book has come out following the Emerald Atlas so I will have to try and get the first one so I can reread it.  Will pick it up as an ebook I think.

When my late husband was forced into a wheelchair I had to bite the bullet and clear rooms to allow the chair freedom to roll ... lol.  Also I had to have a hospital bed in the lounge so lots of stuff had to go.

I filled 18 tea chests will books and 9 book cases that had to be sacrificed and gave them all away.  Not many books were left as room was at a premium after moving the lounge furniture throughout the house.

Now I am slowly collecting real books again ... certainly not much; only 4 book cases but I would dearly love to have one room just filled with books.  Oh well maybe in my next house .... lol.


  1. What a great day you had. The photos are beautiful. Interestingly, we were just on the central coast of California!

  2. A nice sojourn, Soozii. Something to calm and heal the soul. Your photos are great. :)