Friday, 12 April 2013

Annus horribilis .....

Well 2013 is looking to be an Annus horribilis for me.

The list of disasters, problems and the bad luck register is getting longer as the months roll by.  I just hope it stops otherwise I will be completely crazy instead of just partly by the end of the year.

  • I started the year in hospital; was supposed to be overnight and ended up there for 8 days;
  • Post operation complications meant healing/recovery was set back;
  • Power failure that saw me have an electrician crawling under the house for hours and having to come back AFTER all the rain had stopped (took 2 months to dry out) - he by passed some power points so I would have electricity but I had extension cords running through the house - $$$$ in his pocket.
  • Metal hose on my shower head has a split so water everywhere but shower head (thank goodness I have two bathrooms) $75
  • Possible rezoning of my house to public recreation (park) by local council (still pending);
  • dishwasher died $350-1000;
  • inverter for my solar electricity died ( 4 months after the warranty ran out ... lol) costs for a new one range from $2000-3000 then the electrician costs for putting it in;
  • One of cupboard doors in my kitchen came off when I opened it - need new hinges
  • got a thorn in my foot and been spending the next three weeks digging out pieces of it (hopefully got the last one out this morning).
All this and it is only the start of April!

And why do all the weirdos in the world approach me?

Some guy who I have never seen in my life approached me in greengrocers and asked me if
  1. I would have sex with him; and 
  2. if he could ejaculate on my breasts!

I burst out laughing then realised he was serious; he raced out of the shop before I could say anything.  Asked the staff if they knew him but didn't even see him.

I was still chuckling as I drove home - maybe I should have hit him around the head with a bunch of celery but then I suspect he may have enjoyed it.

But apart from that things are great ...... lol!

Working on another painting - surprisingly in acrylics which I rarely use - quite large, about 1mt by 1 mt with a floral subject; something I haven't painted for quite a while.

Thought I would give the nudes a rest for a while .... lol


  1. Surely, SURELY the year will improve for you!
    Love the painting. It's sexy, exotic and luscious. ;)

  2. I too love the painting - just found your blog - and I'll vote for a much better year for you! :)