Friday, 8 February 2013

Trip to Nan Tien .... and a Side Trip ....

Drove down to Nan Tien and was really pleased to see that the Lotus pond was still in flower.  A lot of the blooms were in the creamy white stage but there were still some pretty pink ones.  There were lots of buds still also, so if you get the chance in the next week or so why not take a trip to see them.

Spent the morning there just taking in the peace and serenity of the Temple.  Paid my respects to Buddha and sent some thanks out to the Cosmos via the Gratitude Bell.


Also called into Cordeaux Dam - it is a wonderful looking structure.  Building started in 1918 and finished in 1926; it cost 2.5 million dollars.

Height: 57 metres
  • Length: 405 metres
  • Capacity: 93.640 megalitres
  • Catchment: 91 square kilometres
  • Lake: 7.8 square kilometres

On the way in to the Dam I saw this beautiful red gum and had to take it's picture.

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  1. Beautiful photos. :) That red gum trunk is gorgeous.