Friday, 8 February 2013

Trip to Nan Tien .... and a Side Trip ....

Drove down to Nan Tien and was really pleased to see that the Lotus pond was still in flower.  A lot of the blooms were in the creamy white stage but there were still some pretty pink ones.  There were lots of buds still also, so if you get the chance in the next week or so why not take a trip to see them.

Spent the morning there just taking in the peace and serenity of the Temple.  Paid my respects to Buddha and sent some thanks out to the Cosmos via the Gratitude Bell.


Also called into Cordeaux Dam - it is a wonderful looking structure.  Building started in 1918 and finished in 1926; it cost 2.5 million dollars.

Height: 57 metres
  • Length: 405 metres
  • Capacity: 93.640 megalitres
  • Catchment: 91 square kilometres
  • Lake: 7.8 square kilometres

On the way in to the Dam I saw this beautiful red gum and had to take it's picture.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Bits and Pieces of Nothing ....

Still on restricted duties ... supposed to be back to 'normal' by end of March .... had a slight setback but think I am back on the recovery track again.

I put my dating profile on hold when I went into hospital ... to be honest I am seriously thinking of closing it completely; it just seems like a complete waste of time.

I will be 64 this year, I went on three dates last year - oh wow, how exciting ..... NOT!

So I am at the point where I think it is just not worth it - at my age I doubt I am going to meet anyone .... lol. Let's face it I can take myself to the movies, a drive somewhere, I have Fozz to talk to and, the best part, he doesn't talk back!  I don't have to get dressed up and put on make-up to impress ... lol; I can watch whatever movie I want and eat whenever I like; I can satisfy myself (*smirk*).

The men in my age group (50 - 65) all want to meet young thin models in their 20s and 30s; they are not interested in mature passionate women unless it is for a 'quickie'.  I refused to lower my standards to jump in and out of bed with anyone.

The only men who seem to contact me in the appropriate age group, apart from those who want a sex buddy, are ... um, er ... not very nice looking - usually under 5' 6" and seem very scruffy and even weirder than I am .... lol.

So what do I do?   Good question ... my profile will remain on hold until April and then I will make my decision; but after all this time I am really disillusioned with the whole thing.

I know that at my age it is probably the only way to meet suitable males but I just don't think it is working.  Males and females my age seem to be at cross purposes ... I probably have just as much luck meeting someone in Bunnings or at the supermarket as I do with online dating and at the moment that seems like zero .... lol.

That probably sounds rather whiny but I certainly don't mean it that way - I tend to look at the facts without emotion (like a vulcan and make my decisions based on that.

In the meantime I am allowed to drive again so at last I can get out but, of course, the weather has decided to deter any outings .... rotfl.

Once I get a few fine days I thought I would drive down to the Buddhist Temple in Wollongong, I love spending the day there and maybe the lotus are out.

I also would like to take a trip up to Somersby Falls but that needs to be done when Gosford has had a decent amount of rain.  I have lots of pictures of the falls with a small flow but I want to get some with the falls in full swing.

I would have liked to go last Friday but the weather down here was horrid, and Saturday was even worse.  I am not that keen to go in pouring rain.  Rain is predicted for most of this week to Sunday.

I finally picked up a paintbrush after all this time; think it is linked to the fact I can get out ... lol.  Thought I would paint a giraffe head.  Sketched it out and have put the first layer of watercolour on it.

The downside of all this crazy weather is the weeds are going crazy ... I have a small paved backyard and the weeds have grown up through the cracks.  I can't pull them out yet (only allowed to life a few kilos) and I an't poison them because it keeps raining so I have enormous clumps everywhere!

Come April I bet I won't even be able to see any pavers in the backyard ....  rotfl.

Even the side yard where I have a small patch of grass for Fozz is overgrown ... my whipper snipper is electric and quite heavy - poor Fozz has to battle through the jungle.

The beautiful Cali has claimed the top 'apartment' on the cat tree .... she thwarted all attempts by Mr Spot to claim it and is now surveying her domain from the security of the height.

Poor Spotty was left to sprawl on the table until he decided to go and search through the backyard jungle in case there were some live beasties in there that he could eject and attack ... lol.