Thursday, 10 January 2013

Yaa ... I'm Back ....


I'm home!   Finally

Feeling sore and it's awkward trying to sleep but I am HOME!!!

The even better news is there were no nasties in any of the biopsies!

Only have one complaint on my hospital stay .... why on earth do they make hospital gowns so small?

Even a medium sized woman would have her rear end on view - how easy would it be to make them just a little bigger ... oh well, I guess the Docs and the nursing staff have seen it all

Was bad enough for me but there were a few men in rooms nearby who were large and they covered absolutely nothing from behind .... rotfl.

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  1. So what is going on here? I read back and back but didn't get to the surgery issue. 5 days is a long time so very concerned that you are OK!! Lynda