Friday, 18 January 2013

Update from a Totally Bored Woman ......

Aaarrrggggghhhhh ...... so totally bored out of my head!!

I have finished about 12 books .....the first 4 of the Shannara series; good old Harry Potter (book 1); Contact, a couple of Jeffrey Deaver's books, the latest Kathy Reichs, an old Tom Clancy and a few of Cherise Sinclair's sexy BDSM novels; done 100s of games of scrabble against the computer, played 100s of sudoku, lost count of how many games of Angry Birds (all the versions) I have played ......

As I am 'house bound' at the moment I decided to veg out completely and watch the three Lord of the Rings movies again.  Yesterday, or rather last night, I watch the first and plan on two and three today.

Today is predicted to be 46c (115F) so it seemed like the perfect day for it.  I have watch more television in the past week than in the past year

Watched all the Agatha Christie Miss Marple movies, then followed them up with Godzilla and The Fifth Element.  Mercury Rising fitted in there somewhere and then my favourite The Abyss.  Watched all the Alien movies then the Predator ones.

Decided I needed to lighten up a little so watched Love Actually and that wonderful comedy Fierce Creatures.  In between there were some TV series I bored myself with - Masterchef UK, 'Work of Art: The Next Great Artist and Project Runway plus some movies.

Back to see the Doc next Tuesday so I have my fingers crossed that he lets tells me I can lift more than the one kilo I am limited to at the moment.

Amazing the amount of things we pick up during the day that weigh more than one kilogram .... even a can of Fozzie's dog food weighs 1.2kg .... so I have to split things into lighter loads or forget them all together.  Thank goodness for online supermarket shopping - I have no idea what a normal bag of groceries weighs but it is way way over my 1kg limit ..... lol.

Managed to get all my groceries delivered and the delivery people kindly put them up on my work bench so I didn't have to bend down.  Got some smaller cans for Fozz so he at least won't starve (not that there was much chance of that as he has been eating rice and veggies which he loves).

Bit disappointed that I haven't been motivated to paint or sketch while I have these enforced limitations - I guess that is all part of the recovery process.

Would also love to take Fozz out for a walk but he weighs 25kgs and if he were to pull on his lead ....

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions of filling in my days.

The funny thing is I normally stay at home, except when babysitting, so it isn't like it is something new but I thing the knowledge that I can't get out even if I wanted to is what is driving me crazy ..... lol.

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