Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pencils, Paints, Pastels, Pusscats, Pup and People .....

Needs a couple of areas fixed still ...
Been experimenting with pencils .... I recently saw a few different artist's work of pencil portraits and thought of giving it a go.  I have only been painting portraits about 2 years and have never done one in just pencil.

So went through all my photographs of heads and found one that I thought had good contrast and would look okay in black and white.  It amazed me just how much work goes into a pencil drawing and how many different pencils; from HB through to 8B, I used.  I am not completely satisfied with it but I think for a first attempt it turned out reasonably well.

When I photographed it I did notice a few areas that I am not happy with like the cheek highlight and the forehead on the left so will fix those before I decide to start another project.

I learnt a lot and know when I do another I will do things much differently.

Still it is the same with anything you do for the first time - trial and error!

10mtrs of paper
Here is a picture of all my goodies from the Art Scene sale ... I was very good and only bought a couple of pencils extra (needed them for my portrait experiment).

Those little boxes contain all the Schmincke pastels I got; lots of colours plus a half dozen white ones.

Was so excited, especially about my Kolinsky brushes ... while I was having my order finalised another customer looked over and said "my god, you are buying Kolinskys .... 5 of them!  I am so, so jealous!"  I was rather chuffed because I have previously been the envious one when others have bought them.

There they are, in all their glory

Happy that I got another roll of Arches watercolour paper - I only have about 1 1/2 mtrs left of my old roll.

Went to see my Doctor last week and the next thing I knew he has arranged for me to see a surgeon next week!

Got me thinking about the differences in health care here in Australia compared to the US ... I have friends in the US on Facebook who have cancer and even though they have insurance ... they are out of pocket by thousands and thousands of dollars.

Here in Australia, even if you have no health insurance you will be treated and it won't cost you a cent.  Those of us with private health insurance have access to our own doctors/surgeons/private hospitals and, in my case, the most I can be out of pocket is $1000.  I can only be charged a maximum of $500 for my hospital stay; if my surgeon is in "Gapcover' (and he is) then there is no extra payments to him; my health fund collects the medicare rebate and sends it to him along with their share so I pay $0!

I would hate to think how much I would be up for if I lived in the US!!

How is everyone going with their Christmas shopping?  Fortunately I don't have many people to buy for; my children in Queensland are all purchased and sent.  The ones down here are finished; my sisters and I swap gift cards so that will only take a few minutes to get next time I go to the supermarket.  My eldest grandson wants a game for his PS3 so will pick that up next week.  My mother in law gets a hamper from me so I will do that also on the next supermarket visit and that is it!!

Haven't put up decorations; in fact I haven't done so for a number of years - doesn't really seem worth it as no-one visits on Christmas day and I doubt Fozzie and the cats really care if there is any .... rotfl.

 The beautiful Cali is getting more adventurous and wanders through the house and even the front and side yard now.  At dusk she likes to play in the front yard and runs from one side to the other, then jumps and climbs up as high as possible in the trees ... mind you as soon as she sees another person she rushes back under the bed for a few hours .... lol.

Spotty is in everything!! He likes to check out my art gear, hides in a cardboard box so he can harass Fozz and Cali, he has even taken over Fozzie's doggie bed in my workroom!

And Fozz?  Well he is always smiling and up for a game or two ...

For those of you interested in how the Internet dating is going .... an update.

Been emailing and texting a fellow for a few weeks.  He did not have a photograph on his profile but he was in the right age group etc.  He was 56, 6'4", single (divorced), adult children and lived within 40kms of me.  We seemed to be getting on okay but each time I asked him for a photo he would have some excuse.  His profile said he had blonde hair, blue eyes, was very muscular and was always being told how attractive and handsome he was.

Well, in the end I said unless you can send me a photo I was stopping contact; I couldn't understand what the problem was ... he had already told me his phone had a camera app.  Well, that did the trick because within a few minutes he had sent me a photograph ..........

.......... even allowing for camera distortion there is no way he could be considered very muscular, he was overweight; even obese, his hair was white/grey and I think that maybe his friends were just being sarcastic by telling him how attractive he was.

When I asked him about the differences (weight/hair) he said "women won't accept me if I tell the truth, that's why I don't have a photo on my profile."  .....  So lying is better???    DUH!!!
jeffrey dean morgan, 05
So now back to square one again .... lol.

Surely somewhere out there is a great guy between 50 and 65 who is single, lives locally, over 5'9", kinda cute and would like to meet a crazy artist ...... lol.

Mind you my idea of cute is probably someone else's ugly  - no George Clooneys or Brad Pitts for me; prefer Jeffrey Dean Morgan  - you know those guys with a hint of 'bad' boy showing, a little rough around the edges

Please email me ...... rotfl!!!

BTW Mr Wentworthville ... why don't YOU send an email and say hi - mmm or are you married?  ...... lol!

I am loving this song .....

I have a collection of songs and music that was mentioned in the 50 Shades books - 55 tracks altogether and  that is one of them.  Others that I adore are Spem in Alium .... have absolutely loved it for ages and had forgotten to play it so when it was mentioned in the book it reignited my love for it ..... and Lakme - Delibes wonderful duet.

If nothing else the book has introduced a new audience to some really wonderful classical music ....

I read the three Fifty Shades books ..... the first book was probably the best of the three, and in all honesty I think she (the author) could have made just one thicker book as there was a lot of repetition across the three books.

She certainly isn't a very good writer, too much of the same things, some of it was very amateurish ... the sex scenes were good but even they become more of the same by the second and third books.  Still as I mentioned it has opened the world of classical music to a lot of people who would never have listened to it before so that is a very big plus.

Also the fact that is isn't vanilla sex was great ... I know there are lots of people out there who are very happy with a vanilla life but there are a great many (including me) who have some flavourings - maybe not full strength but nevertheless like a little more spice in their love life; so the fact it was written in a very popular book has taken BDSM and non-vanilla out of the proverbial cupboard.

I am not suggested that everyone grab the whip and the ropes but by bringing the subject to the fore it shows that "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" and as long as each partner is consenting then why not have fun and enjoy.

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