Monday, 17 December 2012

Organised for Once ......

I've done it ... I have actually finished my Christmas shopping with a week to spare!  Okay, I didn't need to buy many but all the same I have completed it, wrapped them (or posted them away) and can now sit back and relax.

In fact I am really organised this year - my car's rego is due at the start of the year and normally I get a service and inspection the week before it is due .... not this year!  Got it serviced and inspected last week, bought my green slip and paid for the rego .... all done!

I can't believe that I am so organised this year ... it's a first .... lol

I have to admit that I will be glad when Christmas is over  .... it is a lonely time of the year for me; and for a lot of people who are on their own.  I am looking forward to the New Year, just know 2013 will be great year for me.

Downloaded a couple of new Apps for my phone - (I really love my new phone) - I never thought I would use a smart phone to it's full capabilities but, yes, I am.  I get my email if I am not at home, surf the Internet, have some great games to fill in time, take lots of pictures (and videos) and have my diary on it.  Who knew?  Lol.

It even has a live wallpaper - it reflects the weather in my suburb ... my little grand daughter loves it because when it rains, the screen has raindrops running down it.

Found a great App for getting rid of unwanted emails and Spam without ever having to see them; this app grabs mail marked as spam/junk and any mail from email address you have flagged and returns it to the sender with a polite little note letting them know that the recipient hasn't even seen it.    Ah no more stupid emails in the box; no more emails from Russian brides; no more emails from people you don't want contact with - and the fact you never see them makes it so much better ..... lol.

Babysat my two grand daughters overnight over the weekend .... got back home around 11 on Sunday morning.  My goodness!!!  Fozzie went absolutely crazy!

I know he is rarely left out all night; probably on third time; but the reception was if he had not seen me for months!  He was yelping, then racing around the house, then trying to leap into my arms.  Wouldn't be a big hassle if he was a little toy sized dog but he is a reasonable size (weighs 25 kgs - 55lbs) and I practically ended up on my butt trying to stop him.

He spent the next four or five hours following me everywhere and when I went to bed he snuck up and sleep across the bottom of the bed  .... lol.

The cats, on the other hand, didn't seem to care.  Mr Spot raced out the front door as I opened it and Cali was asleep on the lounge; she just opened one eye, saw it was me and then went back to her nap.

Last posting I mention Kings of Leon and their song "Sex on Fire" - I think I am obsessed with it ... lol.  I can't stop playing it; love the drum/cymbal use in it.  A lot of their songs seem to be heavy in the use of drum/cymbals but they don't have the same impact as Sex on Fire.  I think it is the way that song builds to a crescendo, just seems to work.  Oh .... and it is great to paint to, especially when using oils and a palette knife.

I had to laugh - got a request for contact from a guy; he requests contact at least once a month.  He is in his late 30s and lists his occupation as a Gigolo.  I finally decided to get rid of him once and for all by accepting contact and telling him I am not interested.  His reply when I said I was not interested - he said he wanted a relationship with someone who understood his work & all his other women and I replied that I don't share.  His answer to that?  ....

..... "No wonder you are single, you are too narrow minded; no-one would want you" and then he cut contact.

ROTFL .... what a fool!  Anyway, I then blocked him so I don't have to worry about him bothering me each month any more.  I doubt there are many women who would like to be in a relationship with someone who's occupation means they take out (and sleep with) lots of other women.

I just hope 2013 is better on the dating front - only been out 3 times in the last 12 months ..... hopefully next year I get 4 dates ...... ROTFL

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