Friday, 2 November 2012

Satay, Scams and other Stuff ....

Been out on another date .... lunch this time at a Thai restaurant .... I had Tofu & Veggie satay - delicious!

He seems a very nice guy but as soon as I saw him I thought "no".

He had said he was 175cm (5' 9") .... normally I love men over 6 foot but I just haven't had any luck in the men department so I thought I would drop down to my own height.

So I saw him walking toward me and I thought ... there is no way he is 175cm (5' 9) .... when he got up to me I saw he was probably about 165cm (5' 5).

Okay so I am not a nice person but I really can't cope with a man who is shorter than me ..... lol.  Probably comes from the fact that my sons are 196 cm (6'5") and 206cm (6'9")

Anyway, we had a nice lunch and sat and talked for a while.  He does seem nice but I think that maybe, apart from the height thing, he just doesn't share the same interests as me and we don't seem to have a great deal in common.  It is nice to have differing points of view but there has to be some common ground there also.

So it is back to the drawing so to speak .... lol

I have noticed that scammers are changing their tactics a little ... they are now saying they live close to were you do and it is only after a few emails are exchanged that they say that they are presently working overseas for x amount of time.

Had one do this to me ... we had exchanged a number of emails, swapped photos of family and talked about all and sundry.  I mentioned meeting up for coffee and he casually informed me that he was working in Malaysia for another 4 months but that it shouldn't stop us from corresponding.

Okay call me suspicious but my scammer radar started buzzing and I replied that I did not want a long distance relationship and we stopped emailing.
3 Brentwood Way Castle Hill NSW 2154 Real Estate Photo 1
Then a couple of days later I got an email from him asking me to look at a house in Castle Hill as he was considering buying it but needed someone to check it out. He attached pictures of it and the address and price etc.

It was a beautiful enormous house BUT ... I had no intention of looking at it and said so.  His return email was suggesting I look at it and if it seemed suitable I pay HIS agent (?) a small holding deposit and he would immediately transfer the money ....

Oh foolish man!!  I am older and wiser than that!!!

Working on two art works at the moment ... one is a portrait and the other a diptych of a Buddha.

The portrait is probably about the half way mark and the diptych is only just started.

 I have used a modelling paste on the diptych then will paint over it with acrylics.  Hopefully it works out as I have it planned in my head ... lol.  Once the paste has fully cured I will start painting; it will be in browns and golds I think but not 100% sure at this stage.... will see how it looks as I start applying colour.

Had to giggle to myself.  I have a lovely doggie bed in my studio for Fozz to relax on; he is never far away from me, but instead he chooses to sleep under my desk and I have to maneuver my feet/legs around him.

You can see him peeping out in the photo and you can see the lovely soft doggies bed ......

Anyway, Mr Spot has decided that it is perfect for him and whenever he comes inside for a visit through the day he plonks himself down on it and makes himself comfy.

Cali, on the other hand, avoids it like the plague.  She would rather lay across my shoulders, look out the window or play Mousehunt on my computer.

You can see her checking out the results of her last hunt before deciding if she needs to change the cheese on the trap ....  rotfl.

Trying to decide whether to drive up to the Central Coast over the weekend; dangerous surf conditions have been predicted and I love getting pictures of heavy surf and waves crashing on rocks for reference.  But when I check the BOM website it said the winds, although from the SE, Ne or E; will not be that strong but the warnings are in place for coastal waters.

Last time I drove up in similar conditions the water was very flat - I imagine there would have been rips and undertows but there was very little surf so I am in two minds in case it is the same this weekend.  It is an hour and half drive and if I can't get the photos I want it is almost a waste of time and petrol.

I am leaning toward waiting until the Bureau announced much stronger wind conditions.

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