Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Decisions, decisions ..... ?????

Decisions, decisions .... what to do?

I finished the portrait of Lusi and now have to decide what to do next.  I have the diptych but the modelling paste is still a little damp so I won't touch that until maybe next week.

Have more in the self studies to do but I really want to paint some waves, surf, waves crashing on rocks .... but not enough pictures of what I want.  I have taken about 100 surf/rocks photographs and done some work from them but I just can't seem to find the ones I want at the moment.

I was going to drive up to the coast to take some last weekend but it turned out a fizzer ... Saturday was overcast and hardly any wind and sunday wasn't much better despite the warnings of dangerous surf conditions.  I am guessing that would have been a lot of rips but the surf would not have been very big at all.

So it is a waiting game until the wind in is the right direction and fairly strong PLUS no rain and no or very little clouds

Until then I have to decide what to paint next or even finish ...

I went through my WIPs - there is a brightly coloured boat on water with reflections about half finished; a Wodaabe warrior, also half done.

I have also sketched out a number of ideas - a giraffe head, a bear head (which has the first wash on it), a rodeo rider, a walrus head, two rainbow bee eaters, a water reflection abstract and an elephant's eye.  All of these have been sketched out and then drawn onto paper ready to begin painting.

Unfortunately none of them 'float my boat' at the moment .... lol.

So what to do?

I could turn my attention to one of the many fiction books I have partly written and maybe even get one finished.

Although I do have one completed, a non-fiction, but now have to buy an ISBN and register as a publisher so that it can be self published.  I will be selling it through Amazon and could use their ISBN free but it restricts the selling of your book to only Amazon.  Anyway, I hope that by early next year it will be available for sale.

So what to do;  back to my procrastination - er ... my decision making

On top of the paintings I have organised I also have a large number of books I want to read and a few I have started, so I could just sit on the lounge and read all day ....

I have been reading some of Dr Michio Kaku's books and have one half finished; up to book three of Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody series which I am thoroughly enjoying; have the first few chapters of Boyd Morrison's The Roswell Conspiracy read and had a glimpse at the first dozen pages of Michael Byrne's The Sacred Bone.

Plus ..... a few thousand (like 20 or 25 thousand) ebooks that I just had to have .... lol.

So what to do?

I have been good ... before 9am I had whipper-snipped the small grass area I have in the side yard (it's for my Fozzie); swept and wash the deck of the BBQ area and tidied up (sort of).  Last night I dragged all my rubbish out to the curb for the council to pick up (we get to book 12 clean-ups a year and I rarely take advantage of them).  So my old queen-sized waterbed, some old wooden garden chairs, an old mower, some general junk went out.

But OMG that waterbed was sooooo heavy!

Times like that you wish you had a man in your life to help ...

I ended up splitting the bladder open and pulling out the baffles so I could drag it all out to the curb.  Heard the garbage truck come about 5.30am this morning and I had my fingers crossed that they would take it.  The restriction to the clean up is that you can only put out enough for one small trailer load and it has to be able to be lifted by one man.  I hoped that my dragging would constitute lifting by a guy ..... thank goodness when I got up and looked it was all gone!

Had an email from a friend on Facebook (female) when I had posted about dragging my stuff out - she told me I should have several 'boyfriends' - a collection with each serving a different purpose and maybe a little overlapping.

ROTFL ... hell, I am having enough problems finding one guy without  finding half a dozen; although I guess under her 'rules' a number of the men/boys who have contacted me would fit

Sorry but it just isn't me .... seems like using people instead of loving them.

So what to do?

I could get stuck into cleaning the garage - now that it is almost empty I could start cleaning it in preparation for turning it into my studio.  The few things that are left in it could get carried down to the back shed - except for a slight problem ....

.... they are bloody heavy - need that man again ... lol!!!

Of course, there is a big danger that I will end up playing on the computer all day .... rotfl.

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