Friday, 23 November 2012

Art Sale, My Christmas Present .....

My favourite art supplies shop in Sydney is having it's annual sale and I can't wait .... Art Scene in North Ryde!!!  It is a minimum of 15% off everything and up to 75% on some items!

I decided at the start of the year that I would buy myself a Christmas present this year; my elder son has already given me a present - my sun lounge and my other son, I think, is buying me a coffee machine.  I have no-one else that would be buying me anything so figured I should spoil myself .... lol

So in anticipation I have been saving my pennies all year and have place my order ready to be picked up when I drive there next week while the sale is on.  I love the fact that you can place your order before the sale starts and arrange to have the sale prices if you pick it up or have it delivered through the sale week.

I know very well when I do go in to pick it up other items will take my eye, will try and be good and only put a few extras in .... lol.

So what am I spending my pennies on?

Well, I need more watercolour paper; I buy a 10m roll because it is cheaper and because I can choose the size of work I want to do, so a new roll is on the list.  Plus it a much cheaper way to buy watercolour paper.

I ordered Arches 300gsm NOT - my preferred weight and brand; it is a 100% cotton watercolour paper.  I can repeatedly rub-out, wash-out and re-work areas without worrying that is will pill or lift off.

Now that I have found a way to work pastels to my satisfaction I need a few more colours - skin tones and I have used up all my white pastels so have ordered 10.  Naturally I ordered Schmincke's because I love the softness of them  Okay they do crumble but the soft creamy texture is wonderful.

What else?  Need a few tubes of watercolours that I have used up - order Art spectrum, have used them before, they are an Aussie company and I like the way they work.

Because I have now decided to do more pastel work I have ordered some larger coloured sheets of Pastel Paper; I ordered light colours - creams, ivorys, soft pinks, etc as I am only using the pastels for nudes at this stage.

To hold all the pastels that I now have plus those I ordered I have also order a My Box empty pastel container.  It holds 90 pastels and has foam inserts to keep them safe.  My original Schminckes came in a wooden box with foam so it is only to hold all the extra ones I have managed to collect.  An added benefit is that they are made in Australia!

Ordered a few more kneadable erasers - I love them!

Okay, okay - I know have a reasonable collection of brushes (watercolour, acrylic and oil); the ones picture are just what I am working with at the moment.  There are, shall we say, another equaly large collection of watercolour brushes in the cupboard, along with my oil ones; BUT ..... I have two Kolinsky sable round brushes and I love them.

They are wonderful to work with; they hold water, are springy and have a fine point. The Kolinsky sable hair is produced using the winter fur of the male sable.  It isn't actually a sable but a species of mink that is a member of the weasel family and is found in Siberia and NE China.

If you are an Artist you know exactly what I mean.  They are the Rolls Royce of brushes and have a price tag to match. Some are hand made but all come with a great reputation.

The ones I have ordered are not the top of the line - which can be up to $2000 for one brush - but they are of a good quality and normally beyond my means.  I promised myself that I would buy some this sale and have ordered five rounds - a size 4, 5, 6 10 and 12.

To give you idea of just how expensive the hand made ones can be; the 5 I ordered could have cost close to $5500!

Mine cost a respectable $250.

So that is my shopping list on order, I would have liked a lot more Schminckes, and some other Pastel Papers but just can't afford them, instead they will have to wait until this time next year when the 2013 sale is on and hopefully I have run out of anything important or expensive .... lol.

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