Monday, 8 October 2012

Relaxing and Ideas ....

The beautiful Madeleine was baptised on Sunday and she looked so cute.  She is such a happy girl and giggled and smiled the whole day; nothing made her upset or cry.
Nanny, Maddie, Mummy and the Priest ...
I was so pleased that her Mummy and Daddy decided to let her wear the christening gown I had made 4 years ago - I hope that it will become something that future generations will wear when they are baptised or christened.  She looked gorgeous in it.

I will post some better pictures in another post when I get them along with one of the entire family - was really pleased to have eldest grandson there so we were able to get a family photo taken.

I was rather stunned as the priest as me to read the lesson - kinda thought it was funny actually .... a Buddhist reading the lesson in a Catholic cathedral ...

He actually asked DIL's mum to read it but she said no and that I would do it .... lol.  Great .... not!

I hate being put on the spot, I don't mind reading in front of people but I like to be able to have a few weeks to get used to the idea ... it's a HFA thing, we hate things being sprung on us.

I was working on four or five different levels - kept reading the words and speaking them, watched the movie of them in my head, kept thinking of words that I might stumble over and was practising them before I reached them so I wouldn't, worried about the congregation joining in at the right time and thinking about what the priest might be thinking of the job of I was doing ... bugger it was sooooo stressful!!
Slowly clearing the mess ...

Anyway, it is all over now and I can relax ... lol.

While elder son is down here he is clearing out all the rubbish as well as taking some of his junk stuff.  What he doesn't take this time down he is moving into the back shed for me so that the garage will be empty except for a couple of wooden work benches and some cabinets.

We have already filled to overflowing a 3 cubic metre skip .... lol. Plus a trailer load of goodies to take to the Sallies.

My garage is quite long as when we built it we made it 1 1/2 times the average length and I am thinking that it might be great to set it up as a studio.

Talked to younger son (he is a builder) and he said he could put in some extra windows for light and then line it.  It will mean I won't have to worry about paint on the floor ... plus I could paint really big canvas - over 2m.

I am in a large room in the house at the moment and I have put down some old lino but it keeps getting trashed.  Apart from that there is a lot more room and space for my easel and storage.

I think it will be good.  The only problem will be heat in summer and cold in winter but I have some insulation that could be put in the walls before they are lined and I can put a heater and fan in.  Anyway I will think about the logistics and see how it all goes.

If I did I could then turn the room that I am using at the moment into a library.  My books are scattered throughout the house in various rooms and lots of bookcases so if I move all the bookcases into the one room it will be great.

Stick a comfy chair in there along with my computer desk that is already in there .... mmmm sounds good.

Been getting back into painting - had not picked up a brush for a while because of some emotionally things that were happening.  At last I am starting to feel better about things and have begun painting again.

Starting to feel better mentally too ... I think ex boyfriend has finally got the message and will leave me alone - its been almost a year and he needs to leave me alone and move on.  The stress of him contacting me all the time was getting really bad but I think, at last, he realises it.

Hopefully I will meet someone in the next year or so who accepts me for who I am and doesn't try and change me into someone I'm not and if I don't - well I don't .... lol

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