Sunday, 28 October 2012

Koi, Lotus, Mantras, Beds and Men ....

Spent time at the Buddhist temple in Wollongong yesterday and found this Lotus pond.  Naturally one of my ever present sketchbooks came out of my handbag and I did 3 very, very quick watercolour sketches.

I always have a small kit in my handbag - a small sketchbook (like a moleskine).  Also some pencils, water-filled travel brushes and a small paintbox that fit into a small pencil case.

Then there is a much bigger kit in the back of my car, along with a folding chair and a large umbrella come beach-tent thingy .... lol

Anyway, back to Nan Tien - love being there, not only because it is my religion but because it is such a beautiful place.

I went into the main temple to spend some time reflecting and praying with the Buddha.

The scent of incense in the air; the soft noise of bare feet padding into the room; a nun chanting her thanks; a large singing bowl echoing across the space.  In the distance I could hear the great temple bell pealing out its deep throated sound.  Such a wonderful time.

Anyway, back to the Lotus pond which was full of Koi and there were a few sleepy ducks on the bank; their heads tucked into their bodies, they opened a bleary eye as I arrived then quickly went back to sleep when they saw no food.

The lotus pads almost covered all the pond, except for a few spots around the edges.  I love the way the leaves unfurl ... they are coiled either side inwards then slowly stretch out; Some were held high above the water and were like small umbrella shading the fish.

The Koi were very curious but went away disappointed when I had nothing to feed them with; these few fellows practically came out onto the bank in hopes of gaining a feed .... lol.

Love the colours of Koi ... from white right through to black, there were a couple of very fine ones that I spied .... with three or four different colours on them, the oranges being particularly bright against the splashes of black on them.

I will have to go back when I know the lotus are in bloom - the pond must look spectacular!

The lotus is one of the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism - an eight petalled lotus used in Buddhist mandalas symbolises cosmic harmony, a thousand petalled Lotus - spiritual illumination.

The well-known mantra "Om mani padme hum"refers to the jewel of the lotus - enlightenment.  The 14th Dalai Lama wrote on the meaning of it here.

It is said that all teachings of the Buddha are contained within the mantra.  Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche wrote that "there is no a single aspect of the eighty-four thousand sections of Buddha's teachings which is not contained in Avalokiteshvara's six syllable mantra "Om mani padme hum ..."

Buddha of Compassion, Chenrezig
Enough of my religion .... lol ... but I thought some of my readers may have been interested in the connection between the Lotus flower and the Dharma.

Anyway, as I mentioned I will have to work out when the Lotus will be blooming - the pond must be an amazing sight when it happens .... a sea of pink amongst the soft green of the lotus pads .........

Have I said how much I love my new bed?  I love my new bed ..... lol.

I have to say I am surprised at how quickly I have gotten used to sleeping on a 'normal' mattress as opposed to a waterbed one.  Although I guess because I went for an orthopedic mattress (actually the one I got is approved & recommended by Chiropractors' Association of Australia) it meant that the support for my back would be there.

Still giggle when I get into it because it is so high off the ground .... 70cms (28") from floor to the top of the bed .... I am 175cm (5'9") thank goodness I am not a few cms shorter, I would need a step to climb in .... lol.  I feel a little like the Princess and the Pea character.

Met up with and spent the day with a very nice man ... but I am not really sure that he is for me despite him saying that he was very much taken with me.  I think maybe he is too emotionally intense for me and I am not sure how to cope with it; I tend to shut down when I don't know how to handle situations... lol. In other words I panicked, and quite possibly I should have persevered but sometimes I just get overwhelmed by emotions in others and in myself.

At least I actually met someone  I have not been out all year so even just spending the day with someone was exciting even if I never see him again ..... rotfl.

Mind you it never rains it pours and I have now 4 men who have contacted who 'say' they are looking for a relationship and not just a sex friend or casual sex buddy ... time will tell but it is very flattering and great for one's self esteem.

The guy I met kept saying "I can't believe how gorgeous you are" "you are stunning!" and "I really hope this is the start of a lifelong relationship" ... okay maybe it was all talk but it does give one's ego a very much needed boost.

I have to admit that the past 11 months my self esteem/worth has been non-existent and so to have someone tell give you some very lovely compliments goes a long way to healing all the previous damage done by you-know-who when he completely under-mined my self confidence and my self-worth went out the window.

By getting those wonderful compliments I feel I can face other people; I feel that I do have something to offer others and that I am very worthy of the attention of a nice guy.


  1. Hi Sooziii found you at last lol just catching up on you wow love your Artwork. still eating your veggies? lol hugs s

  2. Yes! If nothing else coes of this meeting, I hope you retain that feeling, because it's TRUE! You are worth a great deal more than you give yourself credit for, even when you are feeling good about yourself.
    When are we catching up again? Soon, I hope. We have to do some actual planning!!!

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